Meeting Jack O’Connell

At school today all the lower juniors got to meet a man who was a movie star his name was Jack O’Connell,everyone was that excited they screamed before he came in.

He has acted in Private Peaceful,by Micheal Morpurgo. It’s about a bond of two brothers that fight in the war.The brothers last names were Peaceful and when you start in a war your name starts with private.

Another movie he has acted in is called United it a true story in history.Its  about when Manchester United a football club come back from a match their plane crashed and there was only twenty three survivors.Jack O’Connell is the main character in the film and David Tennant  stars in the film.

It was fun having time with him and asking him questions.I even go a safe from him on the knuckles obviously.At hometimes we got his autograph but it was photocopied.

It was fun having Jack with us, have a great career.