The Play!!

Today, we did our play in front of the whole school it was our first time ever in front of a big crowd.We have to do it again one on Tuesday and on wednesday. If I was scared all I would do is look at the clock at the back of the church. It was very nervewracking for everyone because there was such a big crowd! Everyone was nervous, but now we have done it in front of the whole school we will be able to do it in front of our parents.But,we will still be a bit nervous.Some people who had solos had to be very loud and clear the people who had the solos were Pontius Pilet,Jesus,Mary and Judas.We had two mishaps one were the palm tree fell on a disaple and the roman took the cross of Jesus and then gave the cross back to Jesus because,he forgot to change the back drop!Woops a daisy!!