The Graveyard

As I cycled home,I noticed a graveyard,and cycled towards it.My black tires crunched on top of the white stones.When I arrived I parked my silver bike,and opened I gate of the graveyard.The big oak trees blocked the sunlight so I got a bit chilly.I saw grey moldy graves,I knew they were old.As I got closer I found a dead pigeon leaking with blood.Suddenly,birds flew out of the old oak tree above.

As quick as a flash,my adrenaline rush clambered up my spine.I knew it was time to get out; something, someone opened the gate….

The Grave Yard

As the church bells rang, I rode my bike to the graveyard to lay down some flowers on my mothers grave because she passed away last week and it was sad to see her go.After that,I saw lots and lots of of dirty gravestones. I searched and searched but could not find my mothers grave stone.All of a sudden,I saw a dead pigeon on the ground and that made me run to the church. Suddenly the gate I came through opened and I heard foot steps getting louder and louder and I turned around and started running for my life.

By Enrique & Kian

The Grave Yard

As the day unfolded ,I decided to pay my respects to my grandmother at the grave yard.I was riding my light silver  bike to the grave yard. Bitting my nails,I gently opened the creaky gate. I glared at the dirty old grave stones. I saw a blood stained bird.Suddenly,I heard the bell ring and a creaky gate open.