Five go off in a caravan!!!

The five have dinner with Nobby and play with him and at the circus camp they bump into Tiger Dan’s best friend called Lou and he is the Acrobat!At night the mean men were talking to each other and told the five to move their caravans.The five go to the fields and secretly play with Nobby!!!

One fine day Nobby was rowing in Meran lake and then they came and had dinner with him.His gorilla called Pongo,a cheeky,pick pocket gorilla.Pongo ate the most for his extreme lunch!!!

Every day they play with Nobby.Tiger Dan and Lou have found where they have camped!!!High in the mountain on the fields.They hope Tiger dan and Lou will not come bothering them again.



Different types of rocks from Tenerife!!!

On Monday 4th of March,my neighbour called Richard from Poland went to Tenerife for four weeks.One hundred  years ago a volcano erupted and a couple of days ago he got some volcanic rock and some rock sweets in very strange shapes and sizes.I had to guess which one was the real rock and which one was the sweet.

I got it right and I thought of it because it was light like pumice and it had sugar and it looked like a sweet. Richard also gave us some shortbread with nuts.I tried some and it tasted really sugary.

The Recap of my Day!!!

First, I woke up and had some cereal and some water for my breakfast and then I played with Lego with my brother and sister.

After that, we had English dinner and then went to Alvaston park and me and my brother and sister went on our scooters and played games together.

At home we played with Lego and had are dinner,it was roast chicken and sweetcorn and that was my recap of my day.

The day I saw Mrs Kearney and Mr Connor in the fish and chip shop!!!

On Friday 15th February 2013 I when to the Library to get some book and I got lots,my Daddy told us we could go and get some fish and chips from Gerard’s.

We were happily walking along the streets until we got to Gerard’s.I saw Mrs Kearney and Mr Connor and Mrs Kearney had a massive load of fish and chips and Mr Connor had two medium boxes of fish and chips!!!

I hoped they would not see me, I hid behind my Mummy’s back but no Mrs Kearney and Mr Connor saw me.They said hello to me and went back to school and ate the fish and chips with the Teachers!!!At home my family ate the fish and chips too!!!

The day I landed on Saturn!!!

I was heading for Earth in my spacecraft when suddenly we had headed into an astrofield and that made me panic!!!

I hastily had to give up when I saw a clearence.Right now I could not head for Earth we had to head for another planet!!!

We suddenly crashed onto another planet,most of us died but some of us survived! Our satellite told us we were on Saturn and that we had headed right into the ring of Saturn.

Suddenly we dodged over to the side, an asteroid had hit our ship!!! What could we do?

I went and picked up portions of sands and rocks. In the broken ship we found escape pods and they were alright except one of them had the front glass broken and we found spare glass and fitted it in and escaped back to Earth!!!




Connor’s birthday party!!!

On Sunday 17th February morning I went to Connor’s party. It was at Laser Quest!!!When we got there we got one pound from Connor’s Daddy to play Mario kart 7 and I was PAC MAN and I came 3rd in the race and then we were ready to play Laser Quest!!!

The instructor told us we had an endless amount of normal bullets and 99 machine gun and 50 stronger single bullets and 10 grenades!!! When we were ready we were sorted into teams and headed to our headquarters and the game began!!!

We had two rounds and I shot the most and at the end I was 4th and the suit was really really heavy but it was really dark and it was a really really big maze (probably the size of my house)!!!

After that we had dinner and I had chicken dippers with chips and tomato sauce. After a great dinner I played Mario kart 7 again and I was Red Toad and I was 4th and Connor gave us party bags and we went home.


God Our Saviour By Samuel and Lauren E

God Our Savior

You help the rivers flow,

You help the crops grow,

you help the wind blow,

You help us all go.

God God is like the sun shining in the sky,

God God is like the miracles shining high.

You help us when we need you,

You are always there for me,

You keep the sky blue,

Whenever I think of you.

God God is like the sun shining in the sky,

God God is like the miracles shining high.

You help us when we are scared,

You help us when we fall,

You make sure we don’t be mean,

and you treat us all well.

God God is like the sun shining in the sky,

God God is like the miracles shining high.

By Samuel,And LaurenE