Rosie and her bad adventure…

This is an introduction of my story Rosie and her bad adventure, I hope you enjoy reading my story! If you like this story then please comment on it!! 😀

Once up on a time, there lived an old witch called Mrs Hardbroom, she lived in a brown, old cottage.Mrs Hardbroom’s cottage was in the woods. She was a widow, but Mrs Hardbroom was an evil, cruel and unmanned witch! If you went near Mrs Hardbroom and she didn’t like you she would turn you into a or toad a flee… (“ER!”)

On the other side of the woods there lived a royal family of Rose Hill, the royal family lived in a big, colorful castle with a huge family from allover the world! There was also a princes called Rosie. Rosie could not wait to go on an other existing adventure with her dog Daisy!