The Planet of the Teds

One day, from a planet far far away, teddy bears crash landed on Earth. Suddenly, they were catapulted out of there space ship and landed in a car boot sale box. Then a beautiful girl, with golden hair and emerald green eyes, called Abigail bought the box of teddys. She took the teddys home and played with them all day. The teddy’s were cute and cuddly just like a soft pillow and the fur was like angels wings feathers. All day the teddys had to keep still, pretending to be not real, until night fell.

When the clock struck 12, the teds waddled out the ramshackled box. Out of nowhere, a dumb, dog appeared sniffing the teds. The teds threw a mysterious ball at the dog. Working quickly, the teds got a wooden, brown walking stick and used it to get out of the window and down to the garage to get tools to repair the space ship.

Finally they made it to the garage ,but it was locked.
“Oh no its locked,” whispered Teddy 2.
Just then, they heard a strange noise that they’d never heard before, so they followed it. It was a cat! They followed the cat into the cat flap.
“Yeah were in the garage.” shouted Teddy 1
So they got the tools, but they could not find their spaceship.
“Oh no where is our spaceship?”
“I remember!” said Teddy 3.
But how could they get to this mysterious destination?

Just then, the three teddy bears saw a car. As quick as a flash, they hooked onto the engine pipe poking out of the back of the car! Then they saw the rocket and hopped of the engine with the tools to fix the spaceship.

Just before dawn, the teddy bears worked as quickly as a cheaters. In two hours, the bears had finished. They were so happy they could not wait to get inside their new rocket, so they all hopped in and zoomed all the way to Planet of the Teds.

Reading Day

Yesterday was our school reading day. As part if it we came up with our own class story, using items we had brought from home for inspiration. We made our classroom door into the front cover if the book. Take a look and see what you think. Would you like to read it?