Ranji’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was the worst day of my life and also the best day of my life. It was my first day at my new school. When I got to my new school it was really busy! I was alone, worried and my heart was beating like a drum. I was so alone.

Thankfully, two people called Vikram and Sunita strolled up to me. Everything was going great! Till all of a sudden, Johnny came….

Just then, he walked up to me! He had a giant gang with him! I was scared to death I did not know what to do! Until I had a idea….

All of a sudden, I had a deep breath and said ”Vijay Sharma is my uncle”! Everyone turned around looked at me and said”Really”! As soon as I said that everyone started saying”Do you want to sit with me do you want to sit with me”. Will they ever find out the truth?


Ranji’s Diary

Dear diary,

Today I was really stupid, I have just move houses from the countryside to the City of Mumbai and I am in a new school as well.I have made friends with people and 2 best friends,but someone was a bully to me.

Finally,I got to school Vikram and Sunita were the first people I made friends with.Then a boy with spiked hair,a leather jacket and a gang came up to me and he was so mean.He said ”I am in charge he so you follow my rules got that!”.His name was Johnny….

Ranji’s Diary

Today I walked to school with my dad on the dusty busy roads of Mumbai, My heart was beating like a drum I was so nervous I did’nt know what the do. When I arrived to my my new school I was sweating like I just done a marathon.

After that,a boy and a girl smiled at me They said happily,

“What’s your name” I looked up and said,

“Ranji” All of a sudden, a big, strong boy came up to me…