My birthday

Yesterday was My birthday, I had a lots of presents I got a Iceland watch, a Nintendo 3Ds XL and some flat peaks also known as a (snap back.) I had lots of fun and I had lots of sweet and lollies and Ice cream.

It was the best birthday ever I went to Pizza Hut and I had a Pepperoni Pizza Hut birthday ever. When I went home I took some pictures with my friends.



This is a snap back.
































































My Birthay

On the 10th of November it was my birthday. I was nine years old.For my birthday my friend came round and had a sleep over she got me two big bags of sweets . When we went to sleep we got back up and ate all the sweets there was so many sweets and we did not brush our teeth.That night my uncle my mums friend and my grandma and grandad came round for some of the cake. When I had blew out the canles my freind tickled me and it made me jump and the cake feel of the table. That was my birthday and I had a great day.