The day I went to Matlock

On the 7th of June, me, my mum,my brother and my uncle went to matlock It was so fun we enjoyed the view of the country side the view was beautiful.It was like I had been transported back to the olden days.Everything was different the petrol station because the pumps were different,The telephone boxes were different they were red and glistening in the sun.The houses were different they were like cottages were dotted out all over and they had shutters on there window.

After a while of driving around, we went to a shopping center it was called Mansfield I had never been there before but my mum had It was kind of like west field but the shops were outside.We went to loads of shops like Nike,Addidas and lots more.We were going to get some dinky doughnuts but it was £3.00 for 4 but we didn’t get them because It was too expensive.After a couple of hours, we went to grab something to eat we went to nandos it was so yummy and after that we drove home.