Dinosaurs died hundreds of thousands of years ago.There were different kinds of dinosaurs.My favourite kind of dinosaur is a T Rex because it has lots of teeth and they are sharp.My dad’s favourite dinosaur T Rex like mine.What’s your favourite dinosaur?Here are some dinosaur’s.Do these look scary?

Non School Uniform Day

Today it was non-school uniform day.We had it because all the school was supporting Children in Need.We took a donation like (50p or a £1).Everyone still had the same lessons.I had maths,literacy,spellings and art.LOVED art although it was messy it was awsome.Had paint, and do you the hollywood walk of fame?We had to make the like the same colour as the marble or stone as some people would say.

Meeting a Movie Star.

Guess who the lower juniors met? We met JACK O’CONNELL.We asked him loads and loads of questions.He awserd a lot of questions.The reason he came to school is because our topic is lights,camra,action.Jack has been in lots of films.One called United and a film called private peacefull. United is about the football team they go on a plane the plane crash landed and lots people died.The other film Private peacefull is about the war killings, goer and funarel. These are the films that Jack O’connell is in.

The Trip to Blackpool.

On Saturday,I went to Blackpool with my friend Kaycey and two other people called Sue and Richard.It took a long time to get there, we both kept saying “are we nearly there yet”.We had one stop on the way there to go to the toliet and get a dico bar.A dico bar is a biscuit and toffee in the middle and chocolate covering the toffee and on top of the chocolate are smarties.It is mouth watering. As soon as I tased the DISCO BAR I wanted more.Enough of that.So,when we got there we went to sue’s antys house.That brought us up to dinnertime.We had dinner there and then we went to the pier and we went on some rides .My favourite ride was the waltzer.These men would spin you round, round, round and round until you were sick as a dog.After when me and Kaycey and richard and sue went on a tram and went to get fish and chips .I had sausage and chips insted of fish and chips.I had a hot chocolate because it was cold standing in a line to get in the fish and chip bar.Last but least I had a eclair for pudding.There was lots of whipped cream.It had chocolate and pastery and alot I mean alot of whipped cream then there was some more pastery at the bottom.Then when we all finished we got the tram back up to the car and got in to the car and driven down to look at all the illuminanations.My favourite illumminanation was the one with doctor who on , it had the doctors deep dark blue telephone box and the daleks were there too.After we went home and I slept all the way throught the travel back.When I got back to sue’s house I got my pj’s on and went striaght to sleep with my teddy Poppy.That was my idyllic day out at blackpool.