Letter to dad

Dear Dad,

I am writing to tell you I miss you very much we all do,we are suffering with out you.Me,mum and Meirah are not living in the flat any more we are living in a dirty,damp,smelly old shack.I feel as lonely as a stray dog ,it is like the force between us is cracking every minute,would you like to see us suffer any longer?

Dad why did the money letters and phone calls all stop?We have survived of stale stew and rice,we are so poor,I am working and can not go to school any more!My boss Haru gives me a slap and a curse if I do any thing wrong .It is not like I earn much only a few pasie a week.

Dad where ever you are please call us,or even come back we have been lost without you. Meirah is really ill a terrible thing happened to her,she cant walk properly ! Dad would you not like to see me and Meirah grow up?we love you!

Lots of love Anand xxx

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

I am writing this letter because I miss you and I love you . I want you come back. Were are you Dad? It has been two years sine you had sent anything to me. I cant go school I have to go work and I am only 12!

All I want is you to come back ,my sister is sick we have the same food every day. Where are you?

When you did not send me any more letters for two years I thought you did not like me I thought you will never come back to live………

from Anand xxxxxxx

A letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

We really need you back, Me, Meera ,Mum, are hart broken, with out you!
You are the best Dad in the world , you really need to come back, Meera won`t get get better with out you

We need your help, the money is getting low, infact, weve had to move from our butiful flower covered cottage, because we have no money! Even in our small neighbourhood , every boddy was is asking about you!

Every thing does not feel right with out you! Mum can`t aford to do the washing , meera can`t aford to get medisan! It`s tereble Dad, it`s very hart braking too!

Do you feel hart brocken ? Do you want to live with out us? Well , I do hope you miss us too, like we miss you!

Every day , it`s like a lump of cole, so it`s ergent, we are so desberate to have you back xxx

Letter to dad

Dear dad,

Why can’t you come home? You are the greatest dad ever and there is no one like you.I am really sad and unhappy so is mum and mirror.I really miss you.Please,please come home?

All I want is you.Why have you stopped sending the money and the letters?We live in a rickety shack and we have to sleep on the matrices or the old,bumpy hard,rough floor.I feel lonely because there is no one to play with or mess around with me.

Thank you for taking time reading my letter and please just send us some money or a letter.

Love from Anand.