My Grandads Old Pennies

My grandad picked me up today.We talked about old coins because I showed him my old coins. My coins were a three pence or in the olden days you would call it a Thrutny bit, and a half penny or an aintny.When I got to his flat, he kindly went in the loft to get the coins.I opened the safe and got a coin out.It was a special edition Winston Churchill 1965 coin.The second coin was a Maria Theresa Thaler 1780 coin.It was the most famous silver coin in the world! The third coin was not a coin it was a note, a ten pound note from 1950’s and is equivalent to a 2440 one pennys from 1920’s.The fourth coin was an old fifty pence coin with a old plane on it.The fifth coin was a six pence from 1941 and was very shiny. The final coin was a coin from 1797 and said in memory of the good old days.

My favourite Car

My favourite car is the Bugatti Veyron.I like it  because it has ten radiators,four superchargers and to add to that a huge W16 engine.All of that produces a massive amount of 1001 bhp!!! It has seven gears and you only get to seventh gear when you are going 215 mph.That means it’s top speed is a whoping 253 MPH!!! It is the fastest production car ever!!! Inside it is like being in a luxary hotel.On the side there is a keyhole where you can shut the spoiler so you can reach top speed.The indercater switchs are made of alaminuim and cost £3,000 each.This car is altogether £850,000.

This car is AMAZING!!!

All I Have on my Mind is You O’Lord by Kyle and Ayesha

All I Have on Mind Is You O’Lord

All I have on mind is you O’Lord,
I always think of You at the dawn,
With You I am never bored,
All I have on mind is You O’Lord.


O’Lord,O’Lord,come to me,
You are the treasure that I seek,
You are,you are, my all in all,
you are,you are,my all in all,


All I have on mind is You O’Lord,
You are like my electricity cord,
You are my armour and sword,
All I have on mind is You O’lord.

O’Lord,O’Lord,come to me,
You are the treasure that I seek,
You are,you are, my all in all,
you are,you are,my all in all,


My Birthday

Today was the best day of my life because it was my birthday!For my birthday I got a Samung galaxy tab 2 and with that I got a game called zombie burbz which was a bit annoying because you use a thing and it was hard to get it on.
The other thing I got was a top gear supercar book from my mum and dad.When we went my nana and grandads house and played on my tablet.Then we ate my cake which I wasn’nt kean on.I was unconsious about my little sister going on my tablet on the way home.It was a very good day.