In school we have been learning about Jewish faith. So here are some things that we have learnt.

The Torah

The Torah is special to the Jewish family. It belongs to the synagogue . This is where they keep it. The Torah is so important that they don’t touch it with there fingers. In the Torah they have the five book of Moses! The Torah is very old! The Torah is spoken in a language called Hebrew ! It takes about 5 years to complete a Torah and to hand write it.


Bar -mitzvah is a festival. It is for a boy and it’s when they are 13. That means they are a grown up.The person called Rabbi teaches how to read the Hebrew language. The Rabbi prepares you. You need to know how to read it. You read it with a yad that means pointing stick. When you’ve done your Bar-mitzavah you can make your own decisions.They read it in the synagogue. The person who’s reading it reads it slowly!Bat-mitzvah is for girls and they do it when they are 12. After the celebration they have a party. Some people give cards.