Jewish life


What is the Torah?

The Torah is something to help you live your life. The Torah is so special that you can not touch it. You have to use something called a yad to read the Torah. The Torah has the 5 storys of Moses in it. The Torah takes about 5 years to complete.The Torah is over 3000 years old.

Bar-Mitzva and Bat-Mitzva

Bar-Mitzva is for a boy and a Bat-Mitzva is for a girl. When you are a boy you make it when you are13 years old. When you are a girl you make it when you are 12 years old. When you make your Bar-Mitzva or Bat-Mitzva you are a adolt. The Bar-Mitzva and Bat-Mitzva are like a comformation but a differant religen.

Inside a Synagogue

In a Synagogue there is something called a ark in the ark there are the 6 Torahs. In the Synagogue the men sit in the middle and the women sit at the side. People go to the Synagogue to pray. Finaly, Jewish people read and write from the right hand side.

By Grace