Prince Stepmother


Once a upon a time, there was a prince and he had a stepmother she was like an angry as a bull.The prince’s name was jester.He was nice as a angel.He’s hair was black as a ebony.He’s lips was red as blood.He’s skin was white as snow they lived in a beautifull big castle.Everyday the stepmother odered around the prince.he was made to do everything the cold hearted stepmother was very lazy.the prince was day the stepmother asked him to get a 2 buckets of water suddenly Jester set off in a amazing journey.

Out of his corner of his eyes,he saw a witch wearing a black coat,black hat.The witch say”this potion will make you stronger then Jester said”i’ll take it for 1 penny”the witch say “i agree”but the witch strong potion should be 50 penny’s and  suddenly the witch swap the potion then the prince take it.

As quickly as a flash,he stopped and he drink the potion. Poof he turned into a frog the prince was thinking I should’t trust that witch and he hop hop hop until he saw a flash of light.

Out of the corner of his eyes,he saw a wizard and then the wizard help him.Poof he turned into a handsome prince  and then Jester told him all about the cold hearted step mother he said”she ordered me around she’s very lazy she let me do all of the thing like scrubbing the floors and wash the dishes she doesen’t do any work and then the wizard said “wait until the sunrise.

As the sunlight broke,the cold hearted step mother turned into a big grizzly bear. All of a sudden a cavelcade of Viking’s tried to kill her the cold hearted stepmother run and run and run but Jester help as well he got a sword and a shield and then he help the Viking’s to kill her.