Meeting a movie star

On the 7th of October 2012 I met a real movie star. That moivie star was called Jack O`Connel. You may not belive this but he came to our school St.Josephs. When my friends and I heard that Jack O`Connel was coming to our school we were screaming and running around the playground. He came in because we wanted to know a bit more about our topic lights camra action. Someone came in and said that Jack O`Connel is in the building and when she said that we were all screaming and screaming and screaming. We asked him lots of questions like what is your favrouit movie you shot and why? At the end of the day we all got a autagraph that he sighned for us. The teachers got a photo with him as well as us. So I had the best day ever and what made it great cause ye we met Jack O`Connel but it was also my 1 time meating a movie star.

By Grace