Meeting Jack O’ Connell

One normal day at school our teacher Mrs Kearney said a movie star called Jack O’ Connell was coming in to our class.We all started jumping up and down and screaming our heads off and I’m sure our Head Teacher would of heard us all screaming.

We did’nt get that much time with him because he was late because so many people were taking pictures as he walk down the street. while we were waiting his body guard came in to fill in sometime and she said that once Simon Cowl tried to get in their car by mistake because he though it was his car with his body guard standing out side it.

When he got there the first question he asked was ” did any of you watch the Derby game because I did.”He said he was a Derby fan and ” that we should be proud of them for winning 2-0.”When some people had asked some questions he said we had came up with some very good questions. But then we had to go to dinner but we all got a picture and it was signed.