Jeremy’s great adventures

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a castle and there ruled an evil king.

In the dungeon lived a bat,who used to be a boy but he got cursed by a witch and turned into a scary grey bat.He had friends that were cursed too like Vole the wolf  and Jack the bear. They did not like the castle one bit because in winter it got very cold. Jeremy’s destiny was to find a fairy who would make him into a boy again.

As the years passed Jeremy got fed up of being trapped in the cold, rotten dungeon. Digging quickly, Jeremy set about making a hole so that he could escape.

Early the next morning,Jeremy,Vole and Jack struggled through the secret exit.They were on another jorney to find a fairy that would brake the curse forever.

So on they went through the deep,gloomy,dirty wood.They had to be careful of the witches,the sceletons  and zombies.Suddenly a bull started to charge at them and they ran for their lives.After that,the bull crashed into a tree and that  made him angrer .They ran and ran until they met a wood cutter on a horse and the wood cutter threw his axe at the bull and the bull stopped at a halt and died!!!Just then,Jeremy found a  hole there was a terrifing noise down the hole.What does the noise come from?!!!

Just then,a wave of rats came scurring out of the hole,”aaaaahhhhhhhh”screamed Jack.The noise was getting louder and louder and soon it was defening.

Shortly after,the noise stopped and Jeremy,Vole and Jack went in the deep dark terrifing hole.They could not see anything.

After what seemed like forever,they saw torches and a rusty gate.Next to the gate was some paint and a bottle of oil.So Jeremy,Vole and Jack painted the gate with the paint and put oil on the gate too. soon they had done it.But they could not get through the gate but only Jeremy  could fit through. So Jeremy went to find the key.Jeremy set of.

Suddenly soldiers started to chase Jeremy.Jeremy scrambled back to the gate.A soldier found him.Jeremy beat him up and took his key and opened the gate for Vole and Jack.He found another key Jeremy kept the key just in case.They went and looked around it was like a under ground castle.

All of a sudden soldiers started to chase them.They saw another gate.They used the key that Jeremy had kept.Inside the room there was a box.With a spear off the wall they cracked the box open.Inside the box was some TMT and some dinamite.They ran out  of the hole and lit the TMT and the dinamite and chucked the them in the hole and it killed some of the soldiers died but the other soldiers got stuck in hole forever.

A fairy came out of the hole and turned them back into boys and they lived happily ever.After they went back to there castle  and told there perents the adventure they had had and the witch died of anger.

The End

Zack the footballer

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Zack. He dreamed of being a professional footballer. He lived in a stone house in the forest.

Zack loved the England team and he a always had a England kit on him. His hair was like a    bear’s fuzzy,maroon,body.His Dad died and he was a brilliant footballer,Zack wanted to be like him.

One day, Zack was playing football outside  his house.He kicked the ball and It went far far away in the deep,dark forest.He decided to fetch it.

As quick as a flash,Zack decided to get his ball.Zack’s face turned so pale his face was like a ghost.He was in the deep,dark,scary wood.Zack nervously said

“wow” after that,Zack met an old lady he was surprised,he thought that magic didn’t ageist. Then the old lady said

“help me”

It was a bitter cold night, the witch dressed like an old lady but little did he know,that the old lady was a witch!

The witch cackled,”do you want to come to my house I’ll make your dream come true” Zack replied”okay”

Zack thanked the witch and followed her.Zack and the witch was finally there then they was bubbling sound…

Zack nervously said”err what’s that’s sound?”

the witch cackled,”I tricked you it was a spell ha ha ha!”t

he boy sreamed”AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Down in the windy,dark forest a wood cutter was cutting wood.He herd a  screaming sound then he scatter away.He forgot his sawed and he rembered

“oh my sawed what an idiot”

As the day unfolded, the wood cutter woke up and rusted into the forest.He finally reach his detestation. After that, the wood cutter kicked the door open and put his hand on his hips and said

“dont worry boy I’ll save you”the witch’s eye poped out After that,The witch nervourly said

“no you again”The witch and the wood cutter had met before.

The wood cutter got out his silver sawed and chopped  the witch head of.Then, Zack chuckled

“ha ha witch”

The wood cutter and Zack had a cup of tea and forgot about the ugly,dump witch and they lived happily ever after,the end.






Michelle and Her Family

Once upon a time,there live a girl called Michelle.She lived with her two brothers called Thomas and Jacob their mum and dad were called Rachel and Mick .They lived in a golden, yellow casle and their next door neigbour was a witch.

Michelle,was a kind helpfull young girl.She had short brown fluffy hair and she had eyes as blue as the sea.Michelle was full of goodness and kindness and she was a very tall and slim.

One,thing her and her family wanted was to kill the witch because she would always put spells on you . Every time you walked past her she would put a spell on you.

Early one frosty morning,Michelle and her family went for a walk in the deep dark pitch black frosty woods.The woods was always dark because the trees made like a roof.After a while,they meet a beatiful girl called Katie.

A bit further in the woods Katie and Michelle and their family’s met a horrible dangerous witch called Eve.

After a few minuets of silence,the witch spoke she said”Jacob and Thomas do you feel different.” They said “YES.” All of a sudden,Thomas and Jacob turned into big,scary fighting,brown dogs.Rachel,Mick,Michelle and Katie screamed like lions.All of a sudden the witch had flew away.

Biting their nails ,Rachel Mick,Michelle and Katie search for the witch.They search behind trees and up trees but they could’nt find the witch.

As the birds sang a sweet song,the witch came back.”Hello.”said the witch.All of a sudden,Mick,Rachel,Michelle and Katie grabbed anything they could to kill the witch so they could kill the witch.

As quick as a flash,they started hitting the witch with everything they had.After about 15 minuets the witch melted to the ground like a candle.

As soon as,the witch died the spells came undone and Jacob’s and Thomas’s dreams came true to become a football star.

Super girl

Once upon a time, there lived a boy in a old,brown,cottage named Tom boy! He lived with his dad and a mean stepmother. Toms father was a wood cutter in the forest that chops down the trees. This is how they got money. However, the evil stepmother put her feet up and ruled them! She was a bit like the owner of the house!

One sunny morning, Toms mean stepmother raised her voice and called out Tom. He shivered in front of her and she calmed down!” Tom would you do me a favour!” asked stepmother. “Yes I would!” replied Tom “would you go  and collect needle and thred!” pleasing stepmother .”Okay then!” mumbled Tom. Tom set of to his journey into the forest… As the sun shone, He began to skip merrily on his way to get needle and thred! After a while, Tom meet a girl  and  she was  kind hearted and loving. She told him “This is a dangerous place!” told the girl. “Oh is it.” replied Tom. Tom and the little girl went  off darker and deeper into the woods. “Whats your name!” asked Tom “err err super girl.” “Oh.” “shall I change your name.” asked Tom “okay then go on.” replied  super girl . “Issebella thats  your name.”Tom said.

without warning, he flashed and appeared in front of a wickced witch! She was stirring some porige in a pot and Tom was licking his lips. The witch said some questions like where are you from? She was wearing a cloak and a pointy hat . She started to get more angry and he began to get shocked. The posion tipped out  of  the pot and they were fighting until the witch calmed down. She said Im going to fire you he he he. But he cried for help “help help.” cried Tom . Nobody came Tom felt a tingle of fear he felt tears of fuctraition ! Whats going to happen next…

In a flash, Issebellla appeared and said no your not .Tom began to laugh and then he stopped!Isebella  put some magic spell and  then the ugly witch became the maid of the castle . Tom was so pleased that he was  going to burst! “thankyou”. exclaimed tom. But with a woosh , issebella zoomed of without hearing a word of him.He wondered has this girl got magic powers!

Tom got back to his cottage and dad noticed that mean stepmother had done this trap so, mean stepmother got kicked out of the house and dad and tom and of course issebella . But he asked “how  is this tom “asked dad “err saver of the day” axclaimed tom Then they all lived happily after! the end!


Lorrens The Oger

Once upon a time, their was the uglest  oger called Lorrens.  Lorrens lived in a ramshackled cave. He had know company because every one thought he woud eat them

Lorrens had a square head his body was shaped like the a sun. His ears were like floats and he had abig wart on his cheek and his  legs were like trumpits.

One early morning lorens desied to go on a journey.Lourres strolled in to the deep dark woods as the branches hit his head he felt abandend.Lorrens spoted a pond their was a fish he ask

“can I be your pet” oger asked


so the fish jumpt up and slapt him with his wet fin.Lorrens walked deeper in to the woods untill he felt a some think on his toe like a needle he looked down and a hamster was nibbling on his toe!

“Im sorry I thought it was cheese can I be your freind”


The hamster wouldnt get of his foot so he flinged him in to the wood.

The oger sat on a log  it was hoples. He really wanted a pet but not one that bites his toe  or slaps him with fins. Suddenlyy Lorrens saw to chariot he realised that it was the fish and hamster. They belowed

“come here you”

Lorrens ran away like a cheeter. A dog with grey fur said

“come with me”

The dog clawd a tree so hard that it fell on the hamster and the fish.

The dog stoped the oger said

“do you want to be my pet “


They lived happily ever after.

The Three Homeless Kids.

Once upon a time,there lived a three children,two boys and one girl.The boys were called Toby and Frank.The girl was called Kate.Toby was eight  years old and Frank was six years old.Last but least Kate was the youngest,she was two years old.

Toby’s last name was Torrance.Toby Torrance had crimsion hair.He was as skinny as a skeleton.He had gloomy green eyes.Also Toby was as small as a dwarf.He had ripped clothes like a tiger has ripped.Well they all had ripped clothes.Toby had a big head and a small body.

At night they slept on the street but usual they sleep under the Pet Hut for some shelter.All of them were very upset and unhappy.

As the rain turned to sun,they all started to rush to the Pet Hut.They all wanted some food, because they hadn’t eaten for three days.The manger of the Pet Hut had heard the bell ring.It was so loud it could of made you go deaf. Suddenly,the manager poped out of the study room.The manager was wondering why he came to the Pet Hut.

The manager looked like a six ft man and he had a bold head.He had long sharp finger nails.He is also very strong.

The Pet Hut smelt like dogs with flees.It also had green,yellow and orange walls.”Please please can I have a job here please please please”.”Well lets see seems as you have not got any other job I seem it is alright if you work for me five times a week”.Replied the manager.”I will I will I promise”. “Thank you so much”!said Toby Torrance.Toby,Frank and Kate were very very happy. Toby went down on his knees and was praising for joy.So they walked out on to the street.

Shortly after,they saw a mysteries women who looked like a witch.She always comes once a month.She put a curse on them three.Frank,Toby and Kate were terfideyd,worried and scared.The witch was going a round cursing everyone for no reason at all.Toby went jogging up to the wicked witch.To say this”Hey what you doing that for miss”. Whispered Toby Torrance The evil looking witch didn’t riplie.

She had blue eyes as faint as the sky.Also she had gray hair,finger nails as short as the tip of your pencil.She wore a yellow and black dress.She was holding a long broomstick.She was standing on a wobbley stone next to the barber shop and the lovely smell of the fish and chip shop.Then she walked off.

It was a dark cold winter night,and they were sleeping under the Pet Hut again.When the clock struck twelve they fount they woke up they were in a cosy,warm and snuggled bed.Kate started crying again.Toby said”where in the king and the queens palace”. Whispered Toby.Slowly he crept over to Kate.To stop here crying.

Then all of a sudden the king and the queen came upstairs to talk to the oldest boy.The queen slowly called to him.”Would you like to live with us”.Then Toby jumped up and shouted YES PLEASE.Your the best thank you so much.

So Toby Frank and Kate did have a happy ending.They all lived happily ever after.Well except the witch.Do you know what happens?Have a guess.She…….

Prince Stepmother


Once a upon a time, there was a prince and he had a stepmother she was like an angry as a bull.The prince’s name was jester.He was nice as a angel.He’s hair was black as a ebony.He’s lips was red as blood.He’s skin was white as snow they lived in a beautifull big castle.Everyday the stepmother odered around the prince.he was made to do everything the cold hearted stepmother was very lazy.the prince was day the stepmother asked him to get a 2 buckets of water suddenly Jester set off in a amazing journey.

Out of his corner of his eyes,he saw a witch wearing a black coat,black hat.The witch say”this potion will make you stronger then Jester said”i’ll take it for 1 penny”the witch say “i agree”but the witch strong potion should be 50 penny’s and  suddenly the witch swap the potion then the prince take it.

As quickly as a flash,he stopped and he drink the potion. Poof he turned into a frog the prince was thinking I should’t trust that witch and he hop hop hop until he saw a flash of light.

Out of the corner of his eyes,he saw a wizard and then the wizard help him.Poof he turned into a handsome prince  and then Jester told him all about the cold hearted step mother he said”she ordered me around she’s very lazy she let me do all of the thing like scrubbing the floors and wash the dishes she doesen’t do any work and then the wizard said “wait until the sunrise.

As the sunlight broke,the cold hearted step mother turned into a big grizzly bear. All of a sudden a cavelcade of Viking’s tried to kill her the cold hearted stepmother run and run and run but Jester help as well he got a sword and a shield and then he help the Viking’s to kill her.

The Geeky Boy

Once opon a time,there lived a grumpy,geeky and creepy 12 year old boy called John. His eyes were as blue as the ocean. There was one  thing he really did not like talking about,it was that he parents died when he was very small and he could not affored  to get a new house.  At least he had a brother Bob but Bob was as mean as a bull. The graveyard John and his brother Bob lived in was a pitch black,gloomy and bone chilling graveyard. The graveyard was as dark as a cave. They wished they lived in a house like everyone elts. He also wished that he had friends. Bob said”You better make a friend now”. “Why” replide John? “Do you want a friend” said Bob? yes replide John. “Then go” said Bob!

At that moment,Johnn saw something that was moving very quickly. He turned around and it  was a little boy. Jhon laughed and giggled but the little boy did not do anything. The boy ran away and wailed “I an not aloud to talk to strangers”. Jhon carried on walking through the deep dark graveyard. Finaly, Jhon found a 8 year old boy. Suddenly, tears started running down his face. Just then, he ran of. Jhon said “he is 8 not 2”. He also cries like a baby. Jhon carried on walking through the graveyard and there it was the most descusting, green and slimy thing you can ever emagin. Jhon screamed and screamed and he said to himself I am never walking alone in the graveyard ever again.

As quick as a flash, the slimy, horribel and descusting thing rushed by. Jhon turned around and it was only a descusting dripping pipe and the water was so old it was light green. All of a sudden, Jhon saw a girl who was as buetiful as the sun. The gorgeous girl wailed “follow me”. Jhon followed her because she was as buetiful as the sun set so he thought she was lovely  and kind. Jhon and his pride and joy rushed to the girls house. Jhon thought she was tender hearted but he had to think again about that. Suddenly, they both glanced upstairs. The girl and Jhon went into the girls bedroom. Jhon whispered “Your bedroom is as clean as my living room”. All of a sudden, desaster struck. The girl locked Jhon in her room. As pain stained his face, he thought whats going to happen to me?

As the birds flew above his head and sang a sweet song, Jhon made a trail of tears. As quick as lightning, Jhons horribel brother Bob broke the door while riding on a motor cycle. Jhon cried with happyness. Jhon and Bob broke out of the house and they were glad. So Jhon said to himself “I guess Bob is not that horribel and mean”.

Finaly after what seemed like forever, Bob picked up a knife and stabed the girl. As for that the girl was never to be heard from never to walk on a door way again. Jhon and Bob moved into the girls house. As for Jhon he got a new friend to be with. So getting a house and a new friend was just what he wanted.

By Grace

The Great Run Away.

Once upon a time, there lived an evil step mum and a cold hearted price and a boy called Timmy .He had blue saphiar ,sparkling eyes , brown hair and he was as thin as a log .

Timmy lived in a tatty old cotteg. It was in a deep ,dark ,scary woods were no body came any more because the evil step mum and cold hearted prince scad away the people .Timmy was a slave he worked for  the  evil step mum and cold hearted  prince .But Timmy was so  tird of doing work so, he ran away. To the Great hills…….

The next day ,Timmy thought to him self “How can I get there”.He whispered .Timmy packed his clothes.Then he quickly went to the shops to buy some food because he was going on a long journey …..

AS quick as a flash,Timmy collected his food and ran to the great hills .But Timmy was so poor . Suddenly , Timmy heard a nose that he had never hard before.Timmy was terifind  “EEEEEEEK”Shouted Timmy…….

So,Timmy thought about beining brave.A few minits  later Timmy decied  to flow it , Timmy got closer and closer the nose got  louder and louder.It was a……..Ghost.The ghost  whispered “Come”.

A few seconds later , Timmy thought to him self .The ghost looked  kind .She was see through ,so he did.

Along time had past ,the ghost had lead Timmy to a castle .Timmy was about to say thank you but the ghost had gone !

Timmy met a girl called little red she wore a lot of red and a boy called Jack he wore a lot of green . But no one saw the evil step mum or the cold hearted prince again.



Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Jack,he lived in a dirty,ruined, ram shackled,house in the forest.He cleans up after his two horrible,disgusting,ginger cats and his bald,evil dad.Despite having a horrible life at least he had some where to live.Jack had blue eyes and brown hair and was as strong as a ox.

One night Jack was left alone in the messed up house cleaning all sorts like cans,meat and dirty cat food.His evil dad and his two ugly cats went to a disco,he was so tempted to go but he couldn’t.Then he saw a bang of light and wondered what it was,he thought is there some one in the house.What could it be?

Just then,Jack went into the bed room and it was a bee with a silver wand.At that moment the bee started saying go to the disco Jack thought have I lost my mind.Suddenly the bee wafted the wand and bang Jack had a smart suit,a carriage that was red bye a horse and men were the horses.Smiling the fairy god bee said                                                               “go to that disco now oh! don’t forget it’s just outside the forest”.                                           “Okay!”said Jack merrily and there he went but what is his dad going to think…

Once he got to the disco his dad was already leaving even though he is a party animal.When Jack went in and started dancing right next to a rich city woman.Whilst Jack was losing time he noticed it was twelve o’clock so he zoomed out but he lost his top zooming out of the disco.Suddenly he ran in the house and sneaked up stairs to his bed room but his dad didn’t know he went to the disco.The next day the rich city woman Alice came around the deep,dark woods from her beautiful castle.

At that moment when Jack was sweeping he heard a knock on the door                                       “wonder who that will be”said Jack looking suspicious.When he opened the door it was Alice looking for some one to fit in the top,suddenly Jacks dad butted in and said                 “it will not fit on that small rag”but it did fit Jack and Alice purposed at once.Jack felt if I get married to a rich city woman who lives in a castle,I would be rich he felt so amazing he could explode.

In the end Jack and Alice live together.5 years on in the castle they have a fight and Jack runs away with millions,thousands what will he do with it.He could go sky diving or snow boarding who will he strike next…