My Trip to Cadbury World

On Friday, I went to Cadbury World in Bournville, Birmingham. It took us one hour and ten minutes to get there! In the car I played on my D.S.I. to pass the time. As we drove into the car park, we all saw a huge,dark purple building. We went inside and the reception area was full of people! First, we went into the enormous shop. Around the shop ceiling, there was a purple Cadbury train with little toy cocoa beans on board! It made me smile!

It was time to go in to the main exhibition ,so we joined the queue. There were lots of noisy school children there. As we entered, we were each given a Crunchie and a Curly Wurly. Delicious!

As we moved through the exhibition,gathering more chocolate, we visited fourteen areas each with a different theme. Some of my favorites were Aztec Jungle, Purple Planet, Essence,The Bournville Experience, The Cadabra ride and African Adventure. My absolute favourite was The World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop because I had never seen so much chocolate in one place! As souvenirs, I bought a pen, a keyring and some sticky notes for my friend Keira.

Caitlin’s Party at Pizza Hut

On Sunday 3rd February, I went to Caitlin’s 9th birthday party, at Pizza Hut.

We all had pizza, mine had ham, red onion and mushrooms. It was delicious.

For desert, we all had ice cream from the ice cream factory.There were so many toppings! My favorite were the jelly babies. I managed to finish mine but not everyone did.

When I got home, I felt very full. It was a great party

Seeing Foxes on the Road

On Wednesday 9th January, I was in the car and my Mum was driving us home from the Childminder. We got to the corner of the main road and saw two adult foxes. They were fighting and playing. The car’s headlights shone a bright beam of silver light into their eyes which seemed to flash back at us, they froze in fright.

When they started to move again, they set off in different directions, one scurried into a nearby garden and the other dashed past my door, off into the dark night.

It was amazing because we had a really clear view of the foxes and they were so close to us.

My Birthday Party

On Saturday 15th December, my friends and I went to Paint a Pot for my birthday party. Keira, Caitlin, Jessica A and Freya all came along. We met in the car park at Markeaton Park and walked down to the Craft Village, accross the windy park . We went inside, into the warmth that was coming from the wood burner in the corner and sat down on the hard green chairs. We went upstairs to choose our pot. I chose a circular plate and some ceramic balloons to decorate it. Keira and Jessica chose the same as me, Freya chose a circular plate and a butterfly and Caitlin chose a Unicorn. Gifts for a 36 Year Old Female thumbnailWe all 11'' Metallic Goldhad a great time painting. I loved the sparkly paint the most and can’t wait to see my plate once it’s been fired in the kiln! After that, we all went across the road to Mcdonalds for our lunch. I had a great party and a great lunch! Thanks for coming everyone!

Christmas Shopping

On Sunday 18th November, my Mum, Nannie and I went to Nottingham. We were shopping for presents to send to Father Christmas for my cousins, Isaac, Jessica, James, Lucy, William and Jonathan. The first shop we went in was John Lewis, it was very busy! We went to the 2nd floor of John Lewis and I bought a ‘Make your own Christmas cards’ set. After that we went to floor 3 to have lunch. I had a tuna sandwich, crisps, fruit and a chocolate muffin. It was yummy!

Before we went home I chose something to send to Father Christmas for my Dad. I had a lovely day and I am beginning to feel excited about Christmas!


Book Review of Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare.

This book has lots of different stories by Shakespeare in it. The story I like best is ‘ A Midsummer Nights Dream.’

This is a love story about four people, Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander and Helena, the story has a complex plot. Hermia and Lysander are in love although Egeus (Hernia’s farther) wants Hermia to marry Demetrius.

This story is for readers of all ages but, as it is a love story, girls might enjoy it more than boys.

I recommend this book to children over 7 years old because the captions in the book are quite difficult to understand as they are written in old style English. However, the words used in the story have been changed so that they are easier to understand.

I give the story of ‘A midsummer nights dream’ 4 stars out of 5.

Meeting a Movie Star

On the 7th November 2012 Jack O’Connell, the famous movie and T.V star, visited our school St Josephs Catholic Primary, in Derby. The Years 3 and 4 planned out the questions we wanted to ask him before he arrived, he seemed happy to answer them! When Jack was in the street on the way to see us, he was delayed by people taking photos of him and asking for his autograph!

It was fun and very exciting to meet someone famous, especially at school! At the end of the day we got a signed photograph as a reminder of the visit.

My Halloween Party.

On Saturday night I went to a Halloween party.We had to bring food to share so my Mum and I made chocolate dipped apples and chicken curry with naan bread. There were lots of other things too like cakes, sandwiches and pumpkin pie. In the garden there was an apple bobbing game, toasting marshmallows and find the sweets in the pot of cold spaghetti hoops. At the end of the party we all watched Madagascar. It was so much fun!