Having Indian food

On the beautiful Saturday evening, my brother had gone to a party so my Mum, Dad and me had Indian food.This was my second time of having Indian, on Indian day at School was my first day and then was my second.

Descriptive Writing

This week we have been learning to write good setting descriptions. The children had to then use these skills in their own writing. Here is 3 examples of their work:

Lauren E and Michelle

After lunch, we set off to the boring museum. Our rusty car chugging along the long bumpy road. When we arrived, I stared at the silver metal gates which lead to the museum. I dragged myself slowly towards them, wishing the museum never existed!


As she arrived, the sky began to darken and it began to drizzle with rain. They hurried into the shelter of the museum. Inside it was posh and there were beautiful, glittering chandeliers. It looked brand new.

“Let’s go and explore” said Becky gazing all around her.

They came to the first wooden door, it creaked open. You could tell it was really old.


Seeing the hieroglyphics above the old rotten, wooden door I strode confidently through the doors. Straight ahead of me was a magnificent golden Egyptian head, shining out like the sun. Curiously glancing at the information, I found out he was King Peppy.

Going to Fradley Junction

To get some fresh air on Easter Monday, my Mum, my Dad, my brother and I went to Fradley Junction, near Alrewas. I bought my pink binoculars, my Dad’s old black camera, my silver scooter and a note pad and a pen.

First, we walked round the Fradley Reservoir.There are lots of platforms around the edge of the water to stand on to fish or use for pond dipping.The platforms are all numbered, my favourites are number 23 and number 19. On number 23 you can sit and dip through a hole in the middle and on number 19, you can sit down and there is lots of space if maybe you want to take a picnic. It was not the day for a picnic on Monday though, the wind was icy cold!

Almost opposite platform 23, there is a bird hide. A bird hide is a place where people can spot birds without them knowing people are watching.We saw a Great Crested Grebe, some Common Terns, Moorhens and Coots.

Next, we rode along the canal path on our scooters. My scooter is silver and pink with black handle bars. My brother’s is a Ben ten scooter. We watched the people driving the canal boats use the locks to adjust the water levels as the boats moved along the canal. It was fascinating!

I was amazed to learn that the canals in the United Kingdom were all man made!They were all dug out by groups of men called Navvyies.

We were cold and windswept when we got back to the car!



Going Shopping at Meadow Hall

On Friday I went to Meadow Hall with my Mum, my Nannie. The first thing we did was go to the M&S cafe. I had half a cheese scone and a drink of apple. My Mum and Nannie had a coffee and half a cheese scone with me.

The first shop we went in was M&S.We bought some packs of birthday cards, two packs of hot cross buns, two summer things for me for when we go on holiday to Spain. We also bought some chocolate for my older cousin, Johnathan, because he is coming over from America on Saturday so we can have an Easter party at my Auntie’s house!

The second shop we went in was Cath Kiston. We bought a toiletries bag, because I had a great parents evening, and a football rubber for my brother. I really liked a back-pack that I saw in there, but my Mum said that it was to much money, but it was only £25.00!

Next we had lunch in cafe Nova. I had and hot panini (A toasty) and chips with some apple and mango juice . For dessert, I had peach ice cream with strawberry sauce. Delicious!

After that, we went in Phase Eight. My Mum bought a navy striped tee shirt and some navy trousers. Soon, we went home to have chips.

Spray Flowers Foldaway Nylon Backpack The Cath Kiston Back- Pack.Footie Rubber The Cath Kiston Football rubber. Fish and Chips.

My Grade A Piano Exam!

Today I had my Grade A piano Exam. We drove straight from my swimming lesson at Queen Street pool to Mickleover Music School.The exam started at three o’clock and finished at ten past three. In the exam, I had to do a little test to see if I new some of the symbols used in music.They were called Sharp, Stave lines and Treble Clef. I knew them all!
I got ninety three percent!

Treble Clef

Going to Paint-a-Pot

On Friday 22nd February I went to Paint a Pot, at Markeaton Park with my Mum and brother. We went because, before Christmas, my brother went to one of his friend’s parties at Paint a Pot but the kiln blew up and broke all of the pots! So we had vouchers to use. We met lots of my brothers friends and their Mums there.

I chose a star shaped pot that was already painted purple and glazed. I decorated it with shiny sequins, glittery stickers and beautiful gems. The star shape had three holes so that wire or ribbon can be threaded through to hang it up.

Afterward,we went over the road to Mcdonalds for a treat. I asked for a Happy meal with a strawberry milkshake. It was delicious! We played in the play area before we went home. It was a great afternoon!


It was a cold and gloomy day, the sky was steel grey. I plodded with heavy feet. Why did I have to go to stay with my  Aunt for the rest of the holidays?

I didn’t notice the car to start with, it was just a flash of silver the first time it passed me. The driver must have turned around. The car stopped suddenly right next to me.

Before I knew what was happening, the overweight, sweaty man shoved me roughly into the car. The door slammed behind me and there was a loud screech as the driver pulled away from the curb…