100 word challenge

In the summer holidays I traveled to the Antartica I was so exited on the way we saw a black bear in the jungle and a flying blue bird they were adorable. By that time I arrived I was very hungry so I asked my mum if we could have something to eat but she said “No the food here is to expensive

Suddenly, we arrived the jet bumped as we landed.Then I heard a crunch from behind a block of ice, it was a polar bear. I was very scared because I didn`t like polar bears. This polar bear didn`t growl at me I patted it gently.





The Grave Yard

One boring but sunny day, I got my dented bicycle out for a ride round our village. I rode at moderate speed until I came to a  cold grave yard. It was full of over grown weeds and dead grass with fading concrete grave stones. Suddenly, an urge to pass through that rusted old gate surged through me.I passed through the broken, splintered gate. Biting my nails, I looked around. The looming grave stones looked like they were going to claps on me. Suddenly, I spotted  a a motionless pigeon. It was DEAD!!! In the corner of my eye, I noticed the gate, witch was opening simultaneously. To my horror, I heard ghostly foot steps. They were getting louder and LOUDER…..



A letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

We really need you back, Me, Meera ,Mum, are hart broken, with out you!
You are the best Dad in the world , you really need to come back, Meera won`t get get better with out you

We need your help, the money is getting low, infact, weve had to move from our butiful flower covered cottage, because we have no money! Even in our small neighbourhood , every boddy was is asking about you!

Every thing does not feel right with out you! Mum can`t aford to do the washing , meera can`t aford to get medisan! It`s tereble Dad, it`s very hart braking too!

Do you feel hart brocken ? Do you want to live with out us? Well , I do hope you miss us too, like we miss you!

Every day , it`s like a lump of cole, so it`s ergent, we are so desberate to have you back xxx