My birthday

Yesterday was My birthday, I had a lots of presents I got a Iceland watch, a Nintendo 3Ds XL and some flat peaks also known as a (snap back.) I had lots of fun and I had lots of sweet and lollies and Ice cream.

It was the best birthday ever I went to Pizza Hut and I had a Pepperoni Pizza Hut birthday ever. When I went home I took some pictures with my friends.



This is a snap back.

































































Today I rode in my new Lamborghini, it was a jolly day, But Then The car stopped suddenly… I panicked,

“What are we gonna do?.” The petrol wasn’t out so what happened no one knew, it was the weird and strange. My heart kept on beating I didn’t know what to do. I tried to stop it but I just couldn’t I felt so sick I said to myself,

“Why is this happened to me?” I was sweating and sweating I haven’t felt this in year, I fainted my family was running around They was really really scared

” What happened?”

My Dad’s birthday

Today was my dads birthday, He is 39 and on the day my dad came back from work and cut his finger by an engine. When he came back we surprised him with a party we had a big,huge cake saying,

“Happy Birthday and sorry you cut you finger!” We ate the cake Then we had a dance off, The boys and the girls danced to Justin Bieber Somebody to love and JLS Hottest girl in the world.

The girls won when I was break dancing well good, I was the best the boys should of won we did Michael Jackson and I make it I was very angry but Beyonce said girls run the world in a song and that’s not true.

Wreck it Ralph

Today I went to see Wreck it Ralph in the cinema. It was a very funny movie and I liked it a lot. The best bit I liked was the bit when the little girl in Sugar Rush said,

“Are you a hobo” and then the little girl was starting to make fun of Ralph. I wouldn’t change anything because the film was very good and I know that it will get a award.



My new game

On Friday the 15th I got a new game on Xbox 360. I was so excited and my little brother Joshua jumped up and down like a Rylan from X-factor he was so annoying . The new game we had was Toy story 3. I liked the game because I competed all the levels and I was a champion. But it was a bit hard for my little brother because he couldn’t do the Buzz video game.

My new phone

At 8:30 am, my dad woke me up. It was so early I couldn’t wake up. I cried,

“Why do you want me?” my dad replied,

“I’ve got the phone you want” I was shocked I didn’t know what phone he bought. After that my dad showed me what it was and it was a blackberry curve I jumped like mad. It was amazing he even got a case for it and it was my favorite color blue. I really liked what he did for me and I will got him something in return.