100 word challenge

This summer me and my friend Trevor ordered a Polar Bear it was very Expensive  and I bought it, The Bear wasn’t  moving that much, so I figured out that the bear was pregnant, I nervously walked to the vet and went to see if the bear was pregnant… and the bear was. The vet owner said,

“The Bear is having her baby today at 9:00!” So they got the polar bear on the chair and helped get the baby out. Then, I called Trevor and I saw him with a Black limo plus he brought a Flying private jet. In a hour the baby was born.

Meeting Dappy from N-Dubz

On Thursday, I meet Dappy from N-Dubz in Derby, He came to Derby to get his tattoo done. He was very small and about the size of Miss Alton. He was very kind abd he always had a puffy coat and a Snap back. We talked and I was just acting cool because he is cool.

After that, I got a photograph and me and my big brother Mardochee Kiza happily got home safe and sound.

Our Lady’s Celebrations

On Thursday, My school had a Mary day were we think of Mary and share our work of Mary so the Infants made a rosary out of paper and plastic and the Upper Juniors sang a song.

But the Lower Juniors had a surprise for the hole school and some parents, we surprises the hole school and the parents by having a rap and at the start it was slow so everyone thought that it would be a slow calm song but then the funky bits came a and we all starting sing and having fun. After that, Me and my friend Vonyee raped! My friend Gueshcom took it down saying,

” You down with Mary” We stopped and the Chior sang then we sang and everyone sang.

All of us where done.



Choir is a place were Year 4’s, Year 3’s and Year 2’s sing in a group. The little people go to the front, medium people go to the middle and tall people go at the back. Basically, We do competitions and sing in events.

Next week, We are having a summer fair in school, as I said we do events in school but this is a fun ,happy fair where we had Bouncy castles, cakes, games and lots more fun thing.

But me and the Choir and some other boys are doing a special thing in the summer fair, so keep your eye out.

The Grave Yard

As the church bells rang, I rode my bike to the graveyard to lay down some flowers on my mothers grave because she passed away last week and it was sad to see her go.After that,I saw lots and lots of of dirty gravestones. I searched and searched but could not find my mothers grave stone.All of a sudden,I saw a dead pigeon on the ground and that made me run to the church. Suddenly the gate I came through opened and I heard foot steps getting louder and louder and I turned around and started running for my life.

By Enrique & Kian

St George

St George is famous for fighting a dragon.He is the patron saint of England. His emblem is a red cross on a white background, this is the flag of England, and part of the British flag.St George’s emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century.

St George was a brave soldier who was a Christian. He joined the army when he was seventeen and soon he became renowned for his bravery.He served under a pagan Emperor but never forgot his Christian faith.

And there are some pictures of him

The Croods in 3D

On Easter Sunday I went to see The Croods in 3D. In this movie a caveman’s cave gets destroyed, After that, the cavemen’s family wants to get help from a boy…

I like this movie because it’s really funny and weird because the wife like’s to adventure and she climb’s a lot and I don’t think that cave people climb. I really love this movie so i’ll give it 10 out of 10.

Here are some pictures.

India learning

This term we’ve been learning about India and I really liked it, and I am very sad that it’s going to end. There was lot’s of great thing that we did but my favourite was India Day because it was really fun and we got to make a Indian milkshake called a Lassi plus we got to eat some Indian food like samosa and a Pakora and lots more but my favourite food was the dip and like sweet because the sweets were very sweet and taste and the dip was so salty.

There’s are some pictures of a Pakora and a Lassi.


On Wednesday, Mr Leake taught us Gymnastic we did a game called Tag it was very fun and I didn’t get tags at all. Then we did lots of exercise, We did a Figure four hand sting stretch and I couldn’t even reach my foot.

After that, We did partner balances and I did the partner balance with Callum. Then, We had some big tables to jump on and to travel though it. We had a balance beam which is a bench that is turned upside down and went you stand on it you wobble a bit and you have to balance on it.

And Mr Leake please see my post and comment.