My Visit To Malta

Malta is an island in the mediterranean sea and is one of the smallest countries in the world. Because I was born in Malta,every year or two I go to visit my Nanna in Hamrun. Plus every time we visit, we hire a car from Malta airport,normally we get a garbage car,this year was the worst of all, it could only get up the hill where Nanna lived at 20MPH! While we were there, we visited Mdina the old capital city of Malta. There we went to the Mdina dungeons, which is a historical exhibition using wax figures to show the different tortures which were suffered in the 16th century. We had a fantastic day when we went on a harbour cruise. On the cruise, we passed lots of historical buildings and a big fortress used in the great Siege of 1565. On the boat trip we saw some of the biggest cruise ships in the world and I counted 13 floors on one! Plus there were floors under water.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour London!

At first,I thought oh yeah but when I heard the bus trip was two and a half hours I was’nt as happy as I could be .But when I went today (Monday 17th December 2012) it was worth the wait.I may not have had the best lunch but I was happiest when I got this mysterious leather booklet. It had circles to put stamps in and the stamps were located around the studio and there was only a hint to find them. Our group got all six stamps but unfortunately most of the others didn’t get all six. My favourite part was when we went to Ollivanders and there was 17,000 wands!


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