Ah it’s summer at last, and I’m on my way to New York. What could be better than his? But wait The black jumbo jet’s being flied by a polar bear in a tuxedo! Not Possible. Even worse it’s heading towards the expensive empire states. This spells death. Oh No now the polar bear just jumped out. HIJACKED! Could this be a repeat of what happened on september 17th 2001? Why can’t I for once, get one day without something paranormal? All I can do is wait to die or commit suicide, and look dumb. What will I choose die or die? What will happen? Blood, Scream!

The Graveyard

As I rode my Daily route with birds singing in the background, I came across a hard stony path, all of a sudden the path had stopped. In front of me was a, shattered gate made out of wood. A church bell rang like it was the end. I leaped off my Apollo Rock Rider bike. Carefully, I pulled open the gate, hoping no one would see or catch me,my heart pounding. There was a dead bird, My feet forced me into the graveyard. All the gravestones were mossy, and stated freaking me out. Just Then, the gate swung open. Suddenly, all the birds flapped away. They flapped like someone was trying to shoot them. What was it?


The Worst Sleep Of My Life

mollyThis is my cat Molly.

This morning I woke up at 5:45 AM,because Molly woke me up. I was so annoyed because it only wanted some food. It kept crying until I had enough,so I had to feed it. Eventually it shut up, and I had peace.For now because it cry’s for food when I’m in bed so I can’t get to sleep then either!

Sorry about the picture of Molly her eyes are glowing!

For Christmas I was hoping for a chromebook(netbook) and I got it plus that’s the reason I’m blogging now because I’m on it now!There were gzillions of reasons why I wanted one but the main reasons were because we use them at school,it was really fast and had the colour I like most SILVER!

Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!