Choir is a place were Year 4’s, Year 3’s and Year 2’s sing in a group. The little people go to the front, medium people go to the middle and tall people go at the back. Basically, We do competitions and sing in events.

Next week, We are having a summer fair in school, as I said we do events in school but this is a fun ,happy fair where we had Bouncy castles, cakes, games and lots more fun thing.

But me and the Choir and some other boys are doing a special thing in the summer fair, so keep your eye out.

The Day I got great news!!!

On Sunday 10th March I went to Derby Cathedral to audition as a chorister. On Wednesday 13th March I received a letter offering me a place at Derby Cathederal Choir and it made me very pleased.

I had got a place in Derby Cathedral Choir!!! Now I have to practise three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and isn’t that a lot? I am definitely able to go there!!!

Soon I am going to be a super singer!!! This is what happened to me on Wednesday!!!
Isn’t that great!!! I might even learn to play another instrument!!!