Top Table!!!!

On Friday 8th February 2013, it was the most existing moment of my life , because me and me friend Keira were siting in front of the whole of k stage one on top table!

That Friday, we were so embarresed we would’t stop lafing but Keira dos’t stop lafing any way, it was also our first time ever!

The Christmas lights switch on!

I went to the assembly rooms on Saturday 17th November 2012. I went with Bernie,Connor ,Ryan, Adam,Teresa and my Nanna. We watched Carolynne from the X-Factor singing The Climb and some Christmas songs.

After, I met Jessica and saw Miss Fitzpatrick spinning on the teacups! I went on the teacups too with my two cousens Adam and Connor. They were spinning round fast. Me and Miss Fitzpatrick felt sick…

On the way home we all had a takeaway, I had a burger and some 7up. I enjoyed my dlishs meal and was glad to be home in the warmth!