It felt like a summer breeze.My  auntie made me go with her, on the most  expensive shoe shop ever!! My auntie Bernie wanted black  high heals.When we got  into town, we looked and looked for the shoes of her dreams!We  couldn’t  find them, when out of no where, I saw a polar bear flying  a plain wich read “black high heals for sale! Only £25!” Bernie had found her dream shoes at last! She gasped to me “what shop are they come from?” I replied “Shoes Zone!” We hurried to Shoes Zone finaly to get the shoes of Bernie’s dream shoes! 

The Graveyard!

As the church bell rang ,I rode my mountain bike up to the huge church gate in the Graveyard.It was as sunny as Egypt I rode there, because I wanted to visit my Granddad.All of sudden, I spotted a  dead  bird lying sprawled out on the grassy ground .I felt like my heart was going to explode with fear.

As I slowly explored the rest of the  Graveyard, I heard  the gate slowly creep open,I thought it was a ghost.I never saw anyone.  I heard footsteps; getting closer and closer, louder and louder …

Rosie and her bad adventure…

This is an introduction of my story Rosie and her bad adventure, I hope you enjoy reading my story! If you like this story then please comment on it!! 😀

Once up on a time, there lived an old witch called Mrs Hardbroom, she lived in a brown, old cottage.Mrs Hardbroom’s cottage was in the woods. She was a widow, but Mrs Hardbroom was an evil, cruel and unmanned witch! If you went near Mrs Hardbroom and she didn’t like you she would turn you into a or toad a flee… (“ER!”)

On the other side of the woods there lived a royal family of Rose Hill, the royal family lived in a big, colorful castle with a huge family from allover the world! There was also a princes called Rosie. Rosie could not wait to go on an other existing adventure with her dog Daisy!

You are beautiful!

This is one of my songs that I have written on my own! You are beautiful!

You are beautiful no mater what you say,                                                                            You are beautiful no mater what you do ,                                                                             You are beautiful inside and out,                                                                                                    You are beautiful to me,

If I had one wish it would be… you are then star and I am the moon, we could be together forever,

You are beautiful no mater what you say,                                                                           You are beautiful no mater what you do,                                                                            You are beautiful inside and out,                                                                                                  You are beautiful to me,

If I had one wish it would be… you are the star and I am the moon, we could be together forever you are beautiful to me,

You are beautiful no mater what they say,                                                                               Yearrrr Yearrrr,                                                                                                                         You are beautiful no mater what,                                                                                                      Yearrrr Yearrrr,                                                                                                                               You are BEAUTIFUL!!


On 1st March, I went to my mum’s and auntie’s friend’s birthday party and I saw one of my best friends Lauren.P. We danced lots to the macarena, cha cha slide and GANGNAM STYLE! Me and Lauren were playing with another friend called Kira. We played tag, hide and seek and danced together. Kira’s big brother Callan can dance like Gorge Samson and he is only 11! The birthday cake was really cool and tasted delishous!!

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Last night I went to Basketball after school for the first time ever! Mr.Leak taught us how to dribble the ball at first.

Then he made it a lot harder by running,dribbling and having a shot to score! I scored twice. I didn’t think I wasn’t going to score because I am too small!

It was awesome!!!!