Five go off in a caravan!!!

The five have dinner with Nobby and play with him and at the circus camp they bump into Tiger Dan’s best friend called Lou and he is the Acrobat!At night the mean men were talking to each other and told the five to move their caravans.The five go to the fields and secretly play with Nobby!!!

One fine day Nobby was rowing in Meran lake and then they came and had dinner with him.His gorilla called Pongo,a cheeky,pick pocket gorilla.Pongo ate the most for his extreme lunch!!!

Every day they play with Nobby.Tiger Dan and Lou have found where they have camped!!!High in the mountain on the fields.They hope Tiger dan and Lou will not come bothering them again.



Book Review

Sophie Hits Six

This book is about a brown haired free spirted girl called Sophie. She loves to live a free life. She meats a boy who loves farming and when she meats him she starts to love it to. She also has some kittens but something hppens to them that really herts her.

Sophie is small but determend. She is also the farmer for you. She is loving and caring but what she really loves is farming. She is also very young but a really good friend for you.

I think this book is for boys and girls because it is about farming and there are girl charecters. I like this book because I like farming and I like it when there are girl charecter.

There are a lot of words that people under 7 would not be able to read. I think this book is mostly for girls because girls like books with girl charecters and some girls like farming. Not like boys, boys do not really like books with girl charecters in them and some boys only like farming and even some boys do not like ether. I would give this book 5 stars out of 5.

By Grace