Bonfire Night

On bonfire night I did not go anywhere but it was fun. I thought it was fun because me, my brother and my sister all went in my brothers room and watched the fireworks from there. You may not belive me but it was really good. We begged my mum and dad to go somewhere for bonfire night but they would not let us because it was to cold. So I said lets go and watch the fire works in Morgans room but they said no. So I just went up stairs and watched the fireworks from the bedroom. Later on, my brother said what are you doing? I said to him I am watching the fireworks and he said can I watch them with you? I said to him ok you can watch them with me and then we both sat down and watched the fireworks. Then my sister came in and then she said can I join in and then my sister sat down and we all had a really good night. So then I said you see we do not have to go out to have a good time. So that may not seem fun but it was very fun to me, my brother and my sister.

By Grace