The Grave Yard

As the day unfolded ,I decided to pay my respects to my grandmother at the grave yard.I was riding my light silver  bike to the grave yard. Bitting my nails,I gently opened the creaky gate. I glared at the dirty old grave stones. I saw a blood stained bird.Suddenly,I heard the bell ring and a creaky gate open.


India Day


On the 28th of march 2013 it was India day. We did great things like druming and dancing and other things. We got henner on our hand. People were that in India for special occasions it was a great day.

thank you mrs kerany.



On sunday the 24 of Febuary I went to visit my Grandma in Newcastle. we stayed at my Grandmars house as well to sleep we left on wedsday.

We went in to the metro center, that’s the shopping place in Newcastle . We also went to vist are Grandad he lives a bout 2miles a way we had dinner there it was ymm.


The day I Met Jack oconnell


This wednesday I met Jack Oconnell. Jack Oconnell is fameus because he is in the movie United (playing Sir Bobby Charlton) and private peaceful. He hasnt just been on the movie screen he has appeared in soaps and other programmes, such as Waterloo Road, Doctors, Holby city and many others.