100 word challenge

One sunny after noon in the summer holidays Kyle went to the shop to by some ice creams. But the ice creams were to expensive. When Kyle went out side he sore a polar bear walking across the road! Kyle was shocked at what he sore. The polar bear was eating a big tasty fish Kyle fought about building a boat to transport it to it’s home. After Kyle made it. It was black and red Kyle put the polar bear on the boat and travel to the Antarctic. After travelling, Kyle made it and left the polar bear and Kyle went home.

Descriptive Writing

This week we have been learning to write good setting descriptions. The children had to then use these skills in their own writing. Here is 3 examples of their work:

Lauren E and Michelle

After lunch, we set off to the boring museum. Our rusty car chugging along the long bumpy road. When we arrived, I stared at the silver metal gates which lead to the museum. I dragged myself slowly towards them, wishing the museum never existed!


As she arrived, the sky began to darken and it began to drizzle with rain. They hurried into the shelter of the museum. Inside it was posh and there were beautiful, glittering chandeliers. It looked brand new.

“Let’s go and explore” said Becky gazing all around her.

They came to the first wooden door, it creaked open. You could tell it was really old.


Seeing the hieroglyphics above the old rotten, wooden door I strode confidently through the doors. Straight ahead of me was a magnificent golden Egyptian head, shining out like the sun. Curiously glancing at the information, I found out he was King Peppy.

The graveyard

As the sun rose from the bushy trees, I set of to explore the graveyard . When I got there I slowly opened the front gate of the graveyard and I went looking for the grave stones.When I was looking in the old muddy graveyard. I sore a dead bird it was surrounded by blood and it smelled like a old rotten bird.I knew something was wrong .Suddenly I heard lots of birds flying away. Horrified I looked at the gate it slowly and I heard some foot steps coming closer and closer….!