It was a cold and gloomy day, the sky was steel grey. I plodded with heavy feet. Why did I have to go to stay with my  Aunt for the rest of the holidays?

I didn’t notice the car to start with, it was just a flash of silver the first time it passed me. The driver must have turned around. The car stopped suddenly right next to me.

Before I knew what was happening, the overweight, sweaty man shoved me roughly into the car. The door slammed behind me and there was a loud screech as the driver pulled away from the curb…


Today I rode in my new Lamborghini, it was a jolly day, But Then The car stopped suddenly… I panicked,

“What are we gonna do?.” The petrol wasn’t out so what happened no one knew, it was the weird and strange. My heart kept on beating I didn’t know what to do. I tried to stop it but I just couldn’t I felt so sick I said to myself,

“Why is this happened to me?” I was sweating and sweating I haven’t felt this in year, I fainted my family was running around They was really really scared

” What happened?”


As the day unfolded,I was on the big,bustling street of Mumbai.On my bicycle it was very bumpy.Out of the blue an angry elephant charged down the road people didn’t run away!I wondered what was happening,so I asked someone said you have to respect him because of Lord Ganesh the elephant.I didn’t listen to the advice and ran away,until the elephant stopped and started talking to me saying”may I pass I am the God of wisdom you’ll be suprised’He sid in a peaceful voice.Then he disapeared leaving his ghost behing him,and the ghost was sucked into my mouth.Amazingly I was up in the air…….

100 Word Challenge


Yesterday,I was walking through the forest.I saw someone he wrote me a letter but when I read it all I saw was red thick writing.Then I realised that the writing was blood and it looked upside down.I turned the paper around and read the letter it said “leave and never return for this forest can kill you.”I knew it was wrong so I ignored it and carried on walking. Then I met the same man he started huffing at me saying “YOU IGNORED MY LETTER NOW YOU SHALL DIE” then he zapped me I never came out…

100 Word Challenge

It was a dark and stormy night, and I was walking through the woods. All of a sudden, I walked into a tree and on that tree there was writing it looked upside down. The writing said LEAVE THIS FOREST OR BE DOOMED. I ran and ran and I could not stop. My heart was beating and my arms were hot. Just then, I fell over a log. On the log it said YOU WERE WARNED. So then from that day on I never ever set foot in a single forest. That night I said I am done in the woods. The woods is very scary.