100 word challenge

One summer day  I was on mini red plain flying to the Antartic.It was really expensive I nearly spent all my money on it thats how expensive it was.When I arried I saw a lot of pengwins they were all sorts of colors:black,orange and white.Later in the day I learnt that they were empire pengwins.The pengwins were sliping and sliding all over the place.When it was 7:00 we had dinner we had a bbq.It was delicious.At midnight I filmed the sun because in Antaticer it stays light all day long.Before I left I saw two polor bears!

100 word challange

It was a blazing hot summer afternoon and me,my mum and dad skipped to the park.At that moment a huge plane was flying above my head, it created a rainbow in the sky.I was boiling, I was sweating so much I looked like a human water fountain!When we plodded home, I spotted a tiny,cute Chihuahua it barked at me fiercely,I had always wanted a chihuahua but mum said they were too expensive! When we got home, through our door was a black donation pack for polar bears,I always Sign them. Polar bears are so cute, sweet, and fluffy, my room is full of their posters.

100 – Word Challenge

One bright summers day, I happily went on a new type of plane, I was one of the lucky ones to ride it. It was very expensive and I could not believe how lucky I was and how my future riches could be.

2 Hours later………………………

I am on the bumpy plane and I am very excited, it feels a bit bumpy but everything is fine so far. It was amazing flying the bumpy plane !!! I heard a l bellowing sound, through the corner of my eye I saw a Polar bear! He was driving the new black plane, would he brake it , would I survive or not?

100 Word Challenge

One hot summer day, I was flying on a black airplane. On my way to Spain! So excited, So excited! The trip was ever so expensive, about a thousand pounds. I fell asleep about thirty minutes after we got on the plane.

When we arrived in Spain, I entered the hotel and ran around screaming. It was so hot! The hotel food is delicious, the pool is so refreshing, and the beach is so big!

When I went to the beach, I saw a polar bear tanning himself under a red beach umbrella! I laughed so much, the entire country nearly heard me. OH,NO!


100 Word Challenge (out of the blue)

On saturday I walked to the shop around the corner,out of the blue a old man said “do you have any spear change”. I replied “yes I do ” and I gave the old man the spear change I had.He remineds me of my Grandad because he sount Irish.When he came to me I really thought it was my Grandad.He had grey hair and a walking stick and a nebuliser he also has blue eyes just like him.My favourite thing about him that he was very poilet.This was a few days ago around the corner at the shop.

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