100 word challenge

One summer day, I was flying to Antarctica and I caught the privet jet and I managed to be there on time. Suddenly I landed on, an expensive building it was on the snowy ground beneath me.As landed with excitement, I felt so dreary and exhausted I could fall. Lucky I didn’t, so that was good.

On the next day,I was walking in my heavy boots and the snow so deep.Soon it was snowing like cats and dogs out there, so I quickly grabbed my soft, woolly coat.I saw big black penguins in the water.I also saw polar bears . I  was so fun,but I was leaving now.


100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Michelle.She was a very bright girl and she could not wait for the summer holidays.

Michelle all ways wanted to fly on a plane she thought about flying by her self but it was two expensive to fly on the plane. Michelle really wanted to see the famous polar bear near the snowy mountains.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s mum said that we should go black pool.Michelle just said ok because she had no chose to go or not.

When the Michelle arrived at black pool.IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER HOLIDAY EVER! Even though she didn’t go on a plane or see the polar bears!!

100 word challange

It was a cold and frosty day ,when all of a sudden we heard a noise BANG! The car stopped suddenly… We were so scared what were we going to do? It was like being trapped and no one there to help you we where screaming so loud but no one could hear us!Was this it for us?I went as pale as a ghost I felt a tingle down my spine A shiver of fright I did not stop screaming.When all of a sudden, the car moved and fell into a deep river.It was black am I alive?where am I?