100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Niamh. She had long bushy hair was very tall for age.IN the summer she got really bored alone in a big house.She needed a playfull friend. Wouldn’t everyone want to be friends with someone that had a massive house a hot tub and a pool.

The next day,she desided to buy a polar bear.It was very expensive. It came in a black cage.As soon as Niamh opened the box the polar bear started flying.Over time they became best friends and they had so much fun together.After a few weeks, they started to think of a name for the polar bear they called it Katie.

100 word challenge

This summer me and my friend Trevor ordered a Polar Bear it was very Expensive  and I bought it, The Bear wasn’t  moving that much, so I figured out that the bear was pregnant, I nervously walked to the vet and went to see if the bear was pregnant… and the bear was. The vet owner said,

“The Bear is having her baby today at 9:00!” So they got the polar bear on the chair and helped get the baby out. Then, I called Trevor and I saw him with a Black limo plus he brought a Flying private jet. In a hour the baby was born.

100 Word Challenge

One hot summers day,I saw i the distance something flying!What could it be?I couldn’t tell what it was because,the the sky was so black and dark!Was it an alien ship or was it something else?I saw something jump out of it and strangely enough it was white.It looked like it was big and expensive!I said in my head “is it for my birthday”?I saw it running to wards me I screamed and ran!It,it looked like a polar bear!!Was it a dream or could it have been real and a live!?It wasn’t foe my birthday afterall.



Ah it’s summer at last, and I’m on my way to New York. What could be better than his? But wait The black jumbo jet’s being flied by a polar bear in a tuxedo! Not Possible. Even worse it’s heading towards the expensive empire states. This spells death. Oh No now the polar bear just jumped out. HIJACKED! Could this be a repeat of what happened on september 17th 2001? Why can’t I for once, get one day without something paranormal? All I can do is wait to die or commit suicide, and look dumb. What will I choose die or die? What will happen? Blood, Scream!

Time traveling!!!

On Friday 14th June 2013 to Saturday 15th June 2013 I watched a film called The Time Machine. It was about a man that invented a time machine but his friends didn’t like it ,he adventures the future but will he ever return home in time?

In his house he has a house maid and she cooks and she help to keep his house clean. He secretly builds his time machine in his secret lab and this helper lady isen’t allowed to go in his lab!!!

If I had a time machine I would stop and not go too far in the future because it might get a bit scary, I would not go in the past because everyone knows about the past. I would recommend the film because it was really exciting and it made me want to watch more and more of the film.

I know that time traveling is impossible because you could not go to the future or past but you could only stay in the present. I would build a time machine and explore different times and be a Galaxian hero!!!



When I went to India…

It was May 11th and it was the day to go to India. I was so exited and I didn’t go to sleep I was dreaming of me in India! My dad’s friend had arrived at home to drop us to the Heathrow Airport. When we got in the airport we had to go on 2 flights. After we had a flight journey we arrived in India. I was so exited to see my grandma and grandpa. I met my family and friends. They were so happy when they saw us.I stayed at my mum’s sister’s house and it was so fun. We went to parks in India. It was so fun and I enjoyed it. When we came back to England it was so sad for us and our family and friends in India. PLEASE COMMENT.


The day I went to Matlock

On the 7th of June, me, my mum,my brother and my uncle went to matlock It was so fun we enjoyed the view of the country side the view was beautiful.It was like I had been transported back to the olden days.Everything was different the petrol station because the pumps were different,The telephone boxes were different they were red and glistening in the sun.The houses were different they were like cottages were dotted out all over and they had shutters on there window.

After a while of driving around, we went to a shopping center it was called Mansfield I had never been there before but my mum had It was kind of like west field but the shops were outside.We went to loads of shops like Nike,Addidas and lots more.We were going to get some dinky doughnuts but it was £3.00 for 4 but we didn’t get them because It was too expensive.After a couple of hours, we went to grab something to eat we went to nandos it was so yummy and after that we drove home.

My Hospital Appointment ……


On Monday 10th June 2013,my mum and me went to the hospital because I slipped of the worktop and landed on my left foot putting a lot of pressure on it and I went and tolled my mum and she said just rest on it the more you move around the more it will hurt.

The next day after I hurt my foot and after school I started to cry because it hurt very much so my mum when we got out of the taxi carried me to the house and sat me on a chair.

Soon after, while I was in aggoney my mu had a cup of tea she took me too the childrens A & E