100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Michelle.She was a very bright girl and she could not wait for the summer holidays.

Michelle all ways wanted to fly on a plane she thought about flying by her self but it was two expensive to fly on the plane. Michelle really wanted to see the famous polar bear near the snowy mountains.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s mum said that we should go black pool.Michelle just said ok because she had no chose to go or not.

When the Michelle arrived at black pool.IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER HOLIDAY EVER! Even though she didn’t go on a plane or see the polar bears!!

100 – Word Challenge

One bright summers day, I happily went on a new type of plane, I was one of the lucky ones to ride it. It was very expensive and I could not believe how lucky I was and how my future riches could be.

2 Hours later………………………

I am on the bumpy plane and I am very excited, it feels a bit bumpy but everything is fine so far. It was amazing flying the bumpy plane !!! I heard a l bellowing sound, through the corner of my eye I saw a Polar bear! He was driving the new black plane, would he brake it , would I survive or not?

100 WC

One boiling hot day, in summer I was eating a really delicious strawberry Ice cream. Suddenly a pitch black sky appeared and a clashing storm raised. I zoomed inside faster the Usain Bolt! As the storm was creating chaos, a twirling tornado butted in and from the tornado a vicious,terrifying  polar bear landed softly on the ground . I could see the evil in his bulging red eyes! It growled with it’s deep voice. when it turned round I noticed a price tag and he was expensive. I didn’t  ever want him but as I said that he grew wings and started flying and then flew away.

100 Word Challenge

“Finally it was summer” ! Me and my best friends went to shop to an expensive clothes it was amazing .I bought a blue and black t-shirt with a polar bear on it.

A the sun went down, me and my best friend to my house.An hour ,before going home I had a horrible feeling that I’m going to throw-up ,because my mom told me that I’m going to fly with one direction.”AAAHHH”

So the day I have to fly with one direction has come.I text  my mom and my friend that my favourite person in the band is all of them.I can’t wait. I’m going to faint.





















It felt like a summer breeze.My  auntie made me go with her, on the most  expensive shoe shop ever!! My auntie Bernie wanted black  high heals.When we got  into town, we looked and looked for the shoes of her dreams!We  couldn’t  find them, when out of no where, I saw a polar bear flying  a plain wich read “black high heals for sale! Only £25!” Bernie had found her dream shoes at last! She gasped to me “what shop are they come from?” I replied “Shoes Zone!” We hurried to Shoes Zone finaly to get the shoes of Bernie’s dream shoes! 

100 Word Challenge-5 word prompt by Trevor.

In the summer,famous Trevor,Samuel and Enrique were in Hollywood,in a black limousine. Samuel was an Agent,Enrique was an Actor and Trevor was a billionaire.As we got to the scene in style the director had an argument over booking an expensive private jet to the White House in Washington D.C.

After the first scene,we made great progress.We were on are way to the airport when i saw something strange,but it didn’t matter.Then it came back again I explain it to Agent Samuel,but when he looked it had gone.When we departed in the private jet it appeared again with a fish in it’s mouth a flying polar bear……


Monday 26th

One bright summers day, me and my friend Nadia were planning to buy a white polar bear, as white as the snow from the snowy mountains.

Tuesday 27th

We finally brought it from the corner shop. It looked like the polar bear was flying high in the sky! It was very expensive. My shoes clicked against the marble white floor as I walked towards the polar bear. It was like a diamond shinning in the fait sky. After, I brought the polar bear into the ruby red walled room. Then he fell asleep on the gentle, soft and cuddly bed as soft as clouds.


100 Word Challenge

One hot summer day, I was flying on a black airplane. On my way to Spain! So excited, So excited! The trip was ever so expensive, about a thousand pounds. I fell asleep about thirty minutes after we got on the plane.

When we arrived in Spain, I entered the hotel and ran around screaming. It was so hot! The hotel food is delicious, the pool is so refreshing, and the beach is so big!

When I went to the beach, I saw a polar bear tanning himself under a red beach umbrella! I laughed so much, the entire country nearly heard me. OH,NO!


100 word challenge

One sunny after noon in the summer holidays Kyle went to the shop to by some ice creams. But the ice creams were to expensive. When Kyle went out side he sore a polar bear walking across the road! Kyle was shocked at what he sore. The polar bear was eating a big tasty fish Kyle fought about building a boat to transport it to it’s home. After Kyle made it. It was black and red Kyle put the polar bear on the boat and travel to the Antarctic. After travelling, Kyle made it and left the polar bear and Kyle went home.