It felt like a summer breeze.My  auntie made me go with her, on the most  expensive shoe shop ever!! My auntie Bernie wanted black  high heals.When we got  into town, we looked and looked for the shoes of her dreams!We  couldn’t  find them, when out of no where, I saw a polar bear flying  a plain wich read “black high heals for sale! Only £25!” Bernie had found her dream shoes at last! She gasped to me “what shop are they come from?” I replied “Shoes Zone!” We hurried to Shoes Zone finaly to get the shoes of Bernie’s dream shoes! 

100 Word Challenge-5 word prompt by Trevor.

In the summer,famous Trevor,Samuel and Enrique were in Hollywood,in a black limousine. Samuel was an Agent,Enrique was an Actor and Trevor was a billionaire.As we got to the scene in style the director had an argument over booking an expensive private jet to the White House in Washington D.C.

After the first scene,we made great progress.We were on are way to the airport when i saw something strange,but it didn’t matter.Then it came back again I explain it to Agent Samuel,but when he looked it had gone.When we departed in the private jet it appeared again with a fish in it’s mouth a flying polar bear……


Monday 26th

One bright summers day, me and my friend Nadia were planning to buy a white polar bear, as white as the snow from the snowy mountains.

Tuesday 27th

We finally brought it from the corner shop. It looked like the polar bear was flying high in the sky! It was very expensive. My shoes clicked against the marble white floor as I walked towards the polar bear. It was like a diamond shinning in the fait sky. After, I brought the polar bear into the ruby red walled room. Then he fell asleep on the gentle, soft and cuddly bed as soft as clouds.


100 Word Challenge

One hot summer day, I was flying on a black airplane. On my way to Spain! So excited, So excited! The trip was ever so expensive, about a thousand pounds. I fell asleep about thirty minutes after we got on the plane.

When we arrived in Spain, I entered the hotel and ran around screaming. It was so hot! The hotel food is delicious, the pool is so refreshing, and the beach is so big!

When I went to the beach, I saw a polar bear tanning himself under a red beach umbrella! I laughed so much, the entire country nearly heard me. OH,NO!


100 word challenge

One sunny after noon in the summer holidays Kyle went to the shop to by some ice creams. But the ice creams were to expensive. When Kyle went out side he sore a polar bear walking across the road! Kyle was shocked at what he sore. The polar bear was eating a big tasty fish Kyle fought about building a boat to transport it to it’s home. After Kyle made it. It was black and red Kyle put the polar bear on the boat and travel to the Antarctic. After travelling, Kyle made it and left the polar bear and Kyle went home.

100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Niamh. She had long bushy hair was very tall for age.IN the summer she got really bored alone in a big house.She needed a playfull friend. Wouldn’t everyone want to be friends with someone that had a massive house a hot tub and a pool.

The next day,she desided to buy a polar bear.It was very expensive. It came in a black cage.As soon as Niamh opened the box the polar bear started flying.Over time they became best friends and they had so much fun together.After a few weeks, they started to think of a name for the polar bear they called it Katie.

100 word challenge

This summer me and my friend Trevor ordered a Polar Bear it was very Expensive  and I bought it, The Bear wasn’t  moving that much, so I figured out that the bear was pregnant, I nervously walked to the vet and went to see if the bear was pregnant… and the bear was. The vet owner said,

“The Bear is having her baby today at 9:00!” So they got the polar bear on the chair and helped get the baby out. Then, I called Trevor and I saw him with a Black limo plus he brought a Flying private jet. In a hour the baby was born.

Time traveling!!!

On Friday 14th June 2013 to Saturday 15th June 2013 I watched a film called The Time Machine. It was about a man that invented a time machine but his friends didn’t like it ,he adventures the future but will he ever return home in time?

In his house he has a house maid and she cooks and she help to keep his house clean. He secretly builds his time machine in his secret lab and this helper lady isen’t allowed to go in his lab!!!

If I had a time machine I would stop and not go too far in the future because it might get a bit scary, I would not go in the past because everyone knows about the past. I would recommend the film because it was really exciting and it made me want to watch more and more of the film.

I know that time traveling is impossible because you could not go to the future or past but you could only stay in the present. I would build a time machine and explore different times and be a Galaxian hero!!!