100 Word Challange

One beautiful summer day,I went to the busy airport with seas of people.I stood in the queue for hours.When I got to the front of the queue.I was shocked to find that the prices were so high.It was sixty pounds for one person.The people behind me thought that it was very expensive, But I paid the price and got on the jumbo jet.It was when it we were flying that the captain came through and was surprised it was a black polar bear with a crazy hair style that was flying  the plane.I was interested in him. He scared me because he roared to a lot

100 word challenge

One summer day  I was on mini red plain flying to the Antartic.It was really expensive I nearly spent all my money on it thats how expensive it was.When I arried I saw a lot of pengwins they were all sorts of colors:black,orange and white.Later in the day I learnt that they were empire pengwins.The pengwins were sliping and sliding all over the place.When it was 7:00 we had dinner we had a bbq.It was delicious.At midnight I filmed the sun because in Antaticer it stays light all day long.Before I left I saw two polor bears!

100 word challange

It was a blazing hot summer afternoon and me,my mum and dad skipped to the park.At that moment a huge plane was flying above my head, it created a rainbow in the sky.I was boiling, I was sweating so much I looked like a human water fountain!When we plodded home, I spotted a tiny,cute Chihuahua it barked at me fiercely,I had always wanted a chihuahua but mum said they were too expensive! When we got home, through our door was a black donation pack for polar bears,I always Sign them. Polar bears are so cute, sweet, and fluffy, my room is full of their posters.

100 word challenge

In the summer holidays I traveled to the Antartica I was so exited on the way we saw a black bear in the jungle and a flying blue bird they were adorable. By that time I arrived I was very hungry so I asked my mum if we could have something to eat but she said “No the food here is to expensive

Suddenly, we arrived the jet bumped as we landed.Then I heard a crunch from behind a block of ice, it was a polar bear. I was very scared because I didn`t like polar bears. This polar bear didn`t growl at me I patted it gently.





100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Michelle.She was a very bright girl and she could not wait for the summer holidays.

Michelle all ways wanted to fly on a plane she thought about flying by her self but it was two expensive to fly on the plane. Michelle really wanted to see the famous polar bear near the snowy mountains.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s mum said that we should go black pool.Michelle just said ok because she had no chose to go or not.

When the Michelle arrived at black pool.IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER HOLIDAY EVER! Even though she didn’t go on a plane or see the polar bears!!

100 Word Challenge

“Finally it was summer” ! Me and my best friends went to shop to an expensive clothes it was amazing .I bought a blue and black t-shirt with a polar bear on it.

A the sun went down, me and my best friend to my house.An hour ,before going home I had a horrible feeling that I’m going to throw-up ,because my mom told me that I’m going to fly with one direction.”AAAHHH”

So the day I have to fly with one direction has come.I text  my mom and my friend that my favourite person in the band is all of them.I can’t wait. I’m going to faint.




















100 word challenge

This summer me and my friend Trevor ordered a Polar Bear it was very Expensive  and I bought it, The Bear wasn’t  moving that much, so I figured out that the bear was pregnant, I nervously walked to the vet and went to see if the bear was pregnant… and the bear was. The vet owner said,

“The Bear is having her baby today at 9:00!” So they got the polar bear on the chair and helped get the baby out. Then, I called Trevor and I saw him with a Black limo plus he brought a Flying private jet. In a hour the baby was born.

100 Word Challenge

One hot summers day,I saw i the distance something flying!What could it be?I couldn’t tell what it was because,the the sky was so black and dark!Was it an alien ship or was it something else?I saw something jump out of it and strangely enough it was white.It looked like it was big and expensive!I said in my head “is it for my birthday”?I saw it running to wards me I screamed and ran!It,it looked like a polar bear!!Was it a dream or could it have been real and a live!?It wasn’t foe my birthday afterall.



Ah it’s summer at last, and I’m on my way to New York. What could be better than his? But wait The black jumbo jet’s being flied by a polar bear in a tuxedo! Not Possible. Even worse it’s heading towards the expensive empire states. This spells death. Oh No now the polar bear just jumped out. HIJACKED! Could this be a repeat of what happened on september 17th 2001? Why can’t I for once, get one day without something paranormal? All I can do is wait to die or commit suicide, and look dumb. What will I choose die or die? What will happen? Blood, Scream!

100 word challange

It was a cold and frosty day ,when all of a sudden we heard a noise BANG! The car stopped suddenly… We were so scared what were we going to do? It was like being trapped and no one there to help you we where screaming so loud but no one could hear us!Was this it for us?I went as pale as a ghost I felt a tingle down my spine A shiver of fright I did not stop screaming.When all of a sudden, the car moved and fell into a deep river.It was black am I alive?where am I?