Our Lady Celebrations

Today we had a liturgy to celebrate Our Lady, Mother of Christ. Each key stage group were asked to prepare something for the liturgy. As we had already used the hymn ‘Joyful Joyful’ from Sister Act 2, to inspire our writing earlier in the term we decided to use it again. We spent a literacy lesson innovating the Hymn so it is now about Mary. We then had 2 hours to practise our performance. This is it. I think the children did a brilliant job. What do you think?

IMG 0183 from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

Descriptive Writing

This week we have been learning to write good setting descriptions. The children had to then use these skills in their own writing. Here is 3 examples of their work:

Lauren E and Michelle

After lunch, we set off to the boring museum. Our rusty car chugging along the long bumpy road. When we arrived, I stared at the silver metal gates which lead to the museum. I dragged myself slowly towards them, wishing the museum never existed!


As she arrived, the sky began to darken and it began to drizzle with rain. They hurried into the shelter of the museum. Inside it was posh and there were beautiful, glittering chandeliers. It looked brand new.

“Let’s go and explore” said Becky gazing all around her.

They came to the first wooden door, it creaked open. You could tell it was really old.


Seeing the hieroglyphics above the old rotten, wooden door I strode confidently through the doors. Straight ahead of me was a magnificent golden Egyptian head, shining out like the sun. Curiously glancing at the information, I found out he was King Peppy.

Visiting the Mummy

On Tuesday 7th May we went to the Museum of Derby to visit the mummies on display. It was an excellent day and we learnt a lot more about the Egyptian. Thank you Frances and Luciana for a great day.

Visiting the Mummy on PhotoPeach

Slow Writing Challenge

Here is your first Egyptian slow writing Challenge. Think carefully about what you write!!

Sentence one must start with a time connective.

Sentence two must be exactly seven words.

Sentence three must be a question.

Sentence four must use a simile.

Sentence five must include an embedded clause.

Sentence six must use alliteration.


Good Luck!


Exploring Form

Today we mind mapped all the different types of poetry we have read. We used a poetry glossary to read the rules of different types of poems, then each group had a go at writing a different type if poem. Here are the results:

A shape poem by Bradley, Lochliann and Alan


A Haiku by Grace, Eve, Shardaina, Katie and Nadia

School is cool and fun
Wish the day was never done
Feel sad when mum comes

An Acrostic poem by Enrique, Lauren, Caitlin, Kian, Joseph and Michelle

Apple as red as blood,
Plump, juicy and ripe,
Picked from a tree,
Lovely delight,
Enjoyed by everyone!

A Limerick by Kyle, Trevor, Lauren, Jessica and Eva

There was an old man from Derby
Who decided to ride on a bee!
His glasses fell off
And fell in a trough,
Then he went home for a wee!