At Rollerworld Michelle’s Birthday

At rollerworld first we had to get are tickets and there was 11 children,so the total was £82.We went up the stairs to order our rollerskates.Almost everyone got size 2 and 1/2.

Secondly,we went to a rollerskate mini arena to see if we can rollerskate.Some of us fell a few times.But we got use to it.

Thirdly,we in the big arena and that is when we fell alot of times and it was fun.We played dodgeball,tag and stuck in the mud.

In the middle of it we had tango ice blast.All of our tongues turned purple because we had red and blue.

We went back in the arena and played a few more games.

After that,we went to the cantonese resaraunt in town.We had lots of food like chicken nuggets,chips,sosauges,chicken andlots more!There was even a chocolate fountain.But when we put it with ice cream the chocolate turned hard.

At the end of the party we all went home.

Samuel’s Birthday Party

On Wednesday 24th October me,Samuel and Kyle had a party to celebrate Samuel’s birthday.

First,we had school and we got sweets from Michelle because it was her birthday.At the end of the day we got changed in the infant hall.

Secondly’we went to castle nursery to pick up Louie Samuel’s little brother who is four years old.It was a long journey but we finally got there.

Thirdly,we got into Westfield to get to pick a toy from pound world.I got whoopie goo and Kyle did.Samuel got toy soldiers.

After that’we all went to Pizza Express we met Samuel’s dad there.We had loads of pizza.

Lastly,we went to the cinema and we watched Madagascar 3 it was so cool.

In the end we walked to Samuel’s house to cut the cake.Then we went home.

You like to MOVE IT!

Meeting Jack O’Connell

At school today all the lower juniors got to meet a man who was a movie star his name was Jack O’Connell,everyone was that excited they screamed before he came in.

He has acted in Private Peaceful,by Micheal Morpurgo. It’s about a bond of two brothers that fight in the war.The brothers last names were Peaceful and when you start in a war your name starts with private.

Another movie he has acted in is called United it a true story in history.Its  about when Manchester United a football club come back from a match their plane crashed and there was only twenty three survivors.Jack O’Connell is the main character in the film and David Tennant  stars in the film.

It was fun having time with him and asking him questions.I even go a safe from him on the knuckles obviously.At hometimes we got his autograph but it was photocopied.

It was fun having Jack with us, have a great career.

Brave Film Review

This movie is about a red headed,free spirited princess that loves archery.Her name is Merida.She has to marry a princes from Celtic tribes but she doesn’t want to,so she decides to change her fate by going to a witch,that starts a sere-is of problems.

I like the music because its very insparational and jumpy.I also like the imagination they have used for example the wisps are forest fairies.I like the three triplets voices because two have a deep voice and one has a light voice.

My opinion is,I like the film because of everything really. What makes me happy about the film is that it very entertaining.

I would recommend this film 5 stars because its awsome.I would say children under 8 years can’t and should not watch this because its to scary.Its entertaining,funny and scary.

by Trevor