100 Word Challenge-5 word prompt by Trevor.

In the summer,famous Trevor,Samuel and Enrique were in Hollywood,in a black limousine. Samuel was an Agent,Enrique was an Actor and Trevor was a billionaire.As we got to the scene in style the director had an argument over booking an expensive private jet to the White House in Washington D.C.

After the first scene,we made great progress.We were on are way to the airport when i saw something strange,but it didn’t matter.Then it came back again I explain it to Agent Samuel,but when he looked it had gone.When we departed in the private jet it appeared again with a fish in it’s mouth a flying polar bear……

My New Kindle Fire!

One day, my Mum woke me and suprised me with the new Kindle Fire.The first thing I did was I turned it on.

I found out that,it had free WiFi,I could download apps from the store,I could go on internet,I could get books and lots more.

I got Angry birds,Temple Run 1 & 2,lie detector,age detector and mood detector.The books I got were The missing Child,A child’s book of saints,the bible and Harry Potter.I will give my mum something in return.


As the day unfolded,I was on the big,bustling street of Mumbai.On my bicycle it was very bumpy.Out of the blue an angry elephant charged down the road people didn’t run away!I wondered what was happening,so I asked someone said you have to respect him because of Lord Ganesh the elephant.I didn’t listen to the advice and ran away,until the elephant stopped and started talking to me saying”may I pass I am the God of wisdom you’ll be suprised’He sid in a peaceful voice.Then he disapeared leaving his ghost behing him,and the ghost was sucked into my mouth.Amazingly I was up in the air…….

Ranji’s Diary

Dear diary,

Today I was really stupid, I have just move houses from the countryside to the City of Mumbai and I am in a new school as well.I have made friends with people and 2 best friends,but someone was a bully to me.

Finally,I got to school Vikram and Sunita were the first people I made friends with.Then a boy with spiked hair,a leather jacket and a gang came up to me and he was so mean.He said ”I am in charge he so you follow my rules got that!”.His name was Johnny….