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Ameria and the dog

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Ameria she lived in a luxurious castle in the middle of the forest.It had one hundred bedrooms and forty seven bathrooms it  also had twenty seven servants for her brothers and sisters and her evil step dad.

Ameria was seven teen years of age,she wore horrible ,scruffy rags and did all the washing up ,dinner, making clothes and a paper round.Ameria was a kind hearted intellagnt golden headed girl .Her her eyes  where light blue and here eye lashes where as curly as a pigs tail more  than anything Ameria wanted a puppy.

Ameria lived with her brothers,sisters and her evil step dad king James they all had golden blonde hair and lips as red as roses.

Ameria set of and went on her journey to find a puppy she packed with her a torch in case it got dark and a rope in case someone needed help.

The next day, Ameria came to the deep dark woods .She walked along the narrow  path ,she got deeper and deeper into the woods.The trees waving in the wind like a kite the emerald green leafs were slowly falling of the trees .Ameria saw a tail with reddish brown fur  a tail as fluffy as angles wings.But this was no ordinary squirl it could talk!

As the clouds closed in,Ameria heard a mysterious noise it was coming from down the hole it was getting louder and louder and louder the noise sounded like a dog but was she right?…

Ameria looked down the the muddy,deep,wide hole in the hole was a with a chalk white coat,jet black eyes and a long,thin tail and his teeth were as sharp as knifes ,his eyes were   shining like pearls. At that moment ,Ameria remembered she had a long thick rope in her pocket Ameria formed a big loop in the rope chucked it down the hole and pulled the dog out.

Walking home, Ameria strokes her dog gently on the back her eyes lit up like flames he is so happy to have someone who loves and cares for him.

When Ameria got home she looked for her evil step father and chucked him out the house and he was never to be seen again or was he?…