About Shardaina

I am a fun,helpfull and kind person

100 word challange

It was a blazing hot summer afternoon and me,my mum and dad skipped to the park.At that moment a huge plane was flying above my head, it created a rainbow in the sky.I was boiling, I was sweating so much I looked like a human water fountain!When we plodded home, I spotted a tiny,cute Chihuahua it barked at me fiercely,I had always wanted a chihuahua but mum said they were too expensive! When we got home, through our door was a black donation pack for polar bears,I always Sign them. Polar bears are so cute, sweet, and fluffy, my room is full of their posters.

The day I went to Matlock

On the 7th of June, me, my mum,my brother and my uncle went to matlock It was so fun we enjoyed the view of the country side the view was beautiful.It was like I had been transported back to the olden days.Everything was different the petrol station because the pumps were different,The telephone boxes were different they were red and glistening in the sun.The houses were different they were like cottages were dotted out all over and they had shutters on there window.

After a while of driving around, we went to a shopping center it was called Mansfield I had never been there before but my mum had It was kind of like west field but the shops were outside.We went to loads of shops like Nike,Addidas and lots more.We were going to get some dinky doughnuts but it was £3.00 for 4 but we didn’t get them because It was too expensive.After a couple of hours, we went to grab something to eat we went to nandos it was so yummy and after that we drove home.

Brothers birthday!!

On the 3rd of march 2013 it was my brothers birthday it was so fun,my brother turned 25 and we wanted to make it special.So when we had done everything the guests started to arrive and we all played a quiz game but we cheated on our phones!But the winning team got some chocolates then we had some food had a dance and went home.and I fell asleep on the sofa!

100 word challange

It was a cold and frosty day ,when all of a sudden we heard a noise BANG! The car stopped suddenly… We were so scared what were we going to do? It was like being trapped and no one there to help you we where screaming so loud but no one could hear us!Was this it for us?I went as pale as a ghost I felt a tingle down my spine A shiver of fright I did not stop screaming.When all of a sudden, the car moved and fell into a deep river.It was black am I alive?where am I?

Letter to dad

Dear Dad,

I am writing to tell you I miss you very much we all do,we are suffering with out you.Me,mum and Meirah are not living in the flat any more we are living in a dirty,damp,smelly old shack.I feel as lonely as a stray dog ,it is like the force between us is cracking every minute,would you like to see us suffer any longer?

Dad why did the money letters and phone calls all stop?We have survived of stale stew and rice,we are so poor,I am working and can not go to school any more!My boss Haru gives me a slap and a curse if I do any thing wrong .It is not like I earn much only a few pasie a week.

Dad where ever you are please call us,or even come back we have been lost without you. Meirah is really ill a terrible thing happened to her,she cant walk properly ! Dad would you not like to see me and Meirah grow up?we love you!

Lots of love Anand xxx

The mysterious figure

I peered at the clock looking very Frustrated The clock hands going round and round each hour.When the bell rang every one rushed out of there seat when I heard the sound of a volcano about to erupt .I took no notice until I heard the sound of screaming there was someone behind me.

Later on the voice inside my head banged banged banged ,it was like walking in the worst place ever.It was horrifying to see that shadowy figure standing in front of me.Would I survive for one more minute?When a hand grabbed me …

Snow man

On the 19th of January 2013 me my mum and my brother where making snow men.It was so fun and me and my brother even had a snow ball fight he bashed me in the face (cheeky monkey). It was big fat and even had a carrot for its nose (it was fab).After that ,my brother saw a brown,sly,cheeky fox,and we quickly ran into the house.Later,my mum said settle down kids and we sat down to watch TV.


Thanking Mrs Churchill

Dear Mrs churchill I am writing to say thank you for evrey thing if it wasent for you we would not have been going to the Harry potter studio.I heard you have had to pay alot £1,000 pounds for us to go and we are very gratefull because we are very exsited.

Thank you so much Mrs Churchill

yours faithfully
Shardaina Burton