100 – Word Challenge

One bright summers day, I happily went on a new type of plane, I was one of the lucky ones to ride it. It was very expensive and I could not believe how lucky I was and how my future riches could be.

2 Hours later………………………

I am on the bumpy plane and I am very excited, it feels a bit bumpy but everything is fine so far. It was amazing flying the bumpy plane !!! I heard a l bellowing sound, through the corner of my eye I saw a Polar bear! He was driving the new black plane, would he brake it , would I survive or not?

Time traveling!!!

On Friday 14th June 2013 to Saturday 15th June 2013 I watched a film called The Time Machine. It was about a man that invented a time machine but his friends didn’t like it ,he adventures the future but will he ever return home in time?

In his house he has a house maid and she cooks and she help to keep his house clean. He secretly builds his time machine in his secret lab and this helper lady isen’t allowed to go in his lab!!!

If I had a time machine I would stop and not go too far in the future because it might get a bit scary, I would not go in the past because everyone knows about the past. I would recommend the film because it was really exciting and it made me want to watch more and more of the film.

I know that time traveling is impossible because you could not go to the future or past but you could only stay in the present. I would build a time machine and explore different times and be a Galaxian hero!!!



Camping in Matlock in the sun

On Saturday 25th of May I went with my family to a campsite called Middle hills farm and we camped in our new tent that we had never stepped in before, the new tent was massive!!! We stayed at the campsite for three days and we were very lucky because it was the first time we had gone camping with no rain.

On the campsite near the toilets there was a smelly farm with goats and pigs, there were new born pigs, a black and white one and a pink one. Now and again the farmer chucks in the farm a portion of wheat and the pigs jumped and scoffed down the wheat, the pigs and goats were disgusting.

My favourite thing in the campsite was the woodland play area because it had a massive field and lots of really fun wooden games and obstacles. I also liked the deep dark tunnel because it was scary and I loved to hide in there.

Campsite at Middle Hills Farm, Grangemill

The day I went to Centre parks

On Friday April I went went with my family to Centre Parcs, it was a very long journey! We first went to a restaurant to have some yummy food!

After that we found our house and we unloaded the car and put every thing in our house and set of to swim!

Soon we got to the Sub tropical Swim paradise. My favourite thing was the rapid and it was really fast! I even liked the very cold plunge that was freezing!

Soon we went home and had lunch and had spaghetti bolognese! It was very yummy!

Each day we had lots of treats like golf, bowling, ful body dryer, resturants and lots more!

And that is what I did at Centre Parks for four, amazing, fun and exciting days!!!


David Lloyd swim Gala!!!

On Sunday 24th March 2013 I went to David Lloyds swimming pool with my Daddy to do a swim Gala to do some races. There were some woggle races for stage 1, 2 and 3 and some under 6 races and a 7, 8, 9 and 10 to 12 race!!!

I first did the front crawl and I came 4th, I then did the back stroke and came 3rd and did the breast stroke and then came 1st !!!

As a reward we had some food and everybody ate lots!!! After that the person in charge congratuled everyone who took part in the races. After that he gave the medals to everybody!!!

Soon I will bring in my medal!!!


The Day I got great news!!!

On Sunday 10th March I went to Derby Cathedral to audition as a chorister. On Wednesday 13th March I received a letter offering me a place at Derby Cathederal Choir and it made me very pleased.

I had got a place in Derby Cathedral Choir!!! Now I have to practise three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday and isn’t that a lot? I am definitely able to go there!!!

Soon I am going to be a super singer!!! This is what happened to me on Wednesday!!!
Isn’t that great!!! I might even learn to play another instrument!!!

The day I went to Derby Cathedral!

On Sunday 10th March 2013, I went to Derby Cathedral and I felt very nervous.

When I got there my Mummy filled in a form and I was called for my audition. First, I played him the piano and the flute and he told me to sing a scale and Mr Gould played a chord and I had to guess how many fingers he used!

The judges asked me questions and why I wanted to be a chorister such as “ow long have you played the keyboard and the flute?

And that is what I did at Derby Cathedral.

Five go off in a caravan!!!

The five have dinner with Nobby and play with him and at the circus camp they bump into Tiger Dan’s best friend called Lou and he is the Acrobat!At night the mean men were talking to each other and told the five to move their caravans.The five go to the fields and secretly play with Nobby!!!

One fine day Nobby was rowing in Meran lake and then they came and had dinner with him.His gorilla called Pongo,a cheeky,pick pocket gorilla.Pongo ate the most for his extreme lunch!!!

Every day they play with Nobby.Tiger Dan and Lou have found where they have camped!!!High in the mountain on the fields.They hope Tiger dan and Lou will not come bothering them again.



Different types of rocks from Tenerife!!!

On Monday 4th of March,my neighbour called Richard from Poland went to Tenerife for four weeks.One hundred  years ago a volcano erupted and a couple of days ago he got some volcanic rock and some rock sweets in very strange shapes and sizes.I had to guess which one was the real rock and which one was the sweet.

I got it right and I thought of it because it was light like pumice and it had sugar and it looked like a sweet. Richard also gave us some shortbread with nuts.I tried some and it tasted really sugary.