Going swimming!

Last Friday I went swimming with my mum in the morning. When we got into the swimming pool I showed my mum what I learnt in my swimming lessons at school. After I showed my mum what we did at swimming lessons we swam up and down the swimming pool. Then we stopped swimming just to catch our breath after we caught our breath we carried on swimming then I banged my foot on the wall It hurt a little bit then I rubbed my foot and carried on swimming. After we had finished swimming we washed our legs and arms we soap and we dried ourselves we put our clothes on and we went home to watch a DVD it was called Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules.


I was crossing the road….than a car came speeding down!The car stopped suddenly! I was scared out of my wits.

“What is going on here?Why has the car stopped suddenly?” My heart was beating like a drum!I Nearly had a heart alack All my I have never ever been like this.This was the worst day of my intriguer life or anybody’s life standing next to me .It was like I had been shot by someone behind me.Then,the car that suddenly stopped drove of I didn’t know what the driver was thinking? Someone shouted he is crazy can’t he see?

Alter Serving

Every Sunday me Lauren.E, Samuel, Ruben and l and some other people do Alter serving.It is great fun and sometimes the more experience child tells us what to do like take the bread or wine to give farther than you put it on this side table and kneel down in front of the Alter when he does and when you kneel down on the Alter you have to face the tabernacle not the bench or other people.



Going to Nottingham

On 15 February 2013 my mum and I went to Nottingham to meet one of my mums friends and child.When we went to Nottingham there was a long Que for the red arrow which goes to Nottingham because, there was a accident. Eventually ,the bus arrived.Finally,we was in Nottingham in the queen Victoria car park.Then,we went to Nottingham castle.I really enjoyed it.In Nottingham castle there was lots of things there like beautiful paintings,old coins,old pots,the old dresses what they wore in the olden times and a room were there was a boat and books and pleasureful music which made me feel like I want to go to sleep. Also,we all enjoyed it and had great fun!!


My mum the queen

Today was the worst day of my lintier life, because I was going to a new school in Mumbai.As me and my mum,walked down the street I smelt lots of fruit and sweets.Then I saw lots of rickshaws,tuck tucks and street sellers.Just then,I saw posters of the queen.As we reached the bright green gates my mum gave me a kiss and said good bye.Then,the school bell rang.I was scared and terrified.Just then,two kind looking people walked up behind me.

“Hello whats your name.”said a voice behind me.
I was to scared to answer.
“O-O-Olivia.”I stammered.

Then this big boy named Ranji. We was face to face.
“hello I am the bully and the king of the entire school. So Do not mess with me.”
I did not know what to say after.Then,an idea popped into my head,what if I told a lie. “The queen is my mum!”

Letter to dad

Dear dad,

Why can’t you come home? You are the greatest dad ever and there is no one like you.I am really sad and unhappy so is mum and mirror.I really miss you.Please,please come home?

All I want is you.Why have you stopped sending the money and the letters?We live in a rickety shack and we have to sleep on the matrices or the old,bumpy hard,rough floor.I feel lonely because there is no one to play with or mess around with me.

Thank you for taking time reading my letter and please just send us some money or a letter.

Love from Anand.

Michelle birthday party at Roller World by Olivia

On Saturday, 11 people went to Roller World.It was really fun.At roller world there was a learners area.The learners area was a little bit small.The big area was really big. Me,Caitlin and Nadia could not skate so we went in to the small area .

After, a couple of hours of skating we had a cold drink. We all had a tango ice blast . I really enjoyed it.Then we had a another skate around.

Next, we took of our skates and put on our shoes.Then we shouted happy birthday to Michelle. Then Caitlin asked the DJ to put on one direction what makes you beautiful . All of the girls were singing but Trevor and Samuel wasn’t singing because they did not like the song.

After that, we all went to may sum in town. For our drinks some of us had lemonade and then the other half had Pepsi.Then we went to get our food there was chips, chicken nuggets,ribs,rice and noodles.For desert there was a chocolate fountain,ice cream,jelly and marshmallows.I had Marshmallows first.Next,I had ice cream and some chocolate but the chocolate went hard really quickly.After that i had another bowl of ice cream and chocolate.Then we found out that they had jelly.

Finally , The people that worked at may sum bought out a birthday cake.We sang happy birthday to Michelle. Then we got a party bag each.In the party bags there was sweets, stinkers ,bubbles and party poppers. Then we had a little play and then we had to drive to woke 1 so our parents could pick us up from there. We had to go to may sum because woken 1 was closed. When our parents came to pick us up we was playing tag.

The end