100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Michelle.She was a very bright girl and she could not wait for the summer holidays.

Michelle all ways wanted to fly on a plane she thought about flying by her self but it was two expensive to fly on the plane. Michelle really wanted to see the famous polar bear near the snowy mountains.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s mum said that we should go black pool.Michelle just said ok because she had no chose to go or not.

When the Michelle arrived at black pool.IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER HOLIDAY EVER! Even though she didn’t go on a plane or see the polar bears!!

My Dad The Famous Cricket Player

Today was the worst day of my life, worst than when my best friend Katie hit me with a volleyball and cut my head! I got my school bag ready to go to school in Mumbai.I did not want to go to my new school in Mumbai.When I arrived at Mumbai ,there was so many people,street sellers, rickshaws, tuck tucks and it was so nosey . beep beeping nosies from a car. When me and dad were walking to the school gate I It was scary. Dad walk away I was alone!

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

I am writing this letter because I miss you and I love you . I want you come back. Were are you Dad? It has been two years sine you had sent anything to me. I cant go school I have to go work and I am only 12!

All I want is you to come back ,my sister is sick we have the same food every day. Where are you?

When you did not send me any more letters for two years I thought you did not like me I thought you will never come back to live………

from Anand xxxxxxx