100 Word Challenge

One hot summers day,I saw i the distance something flying!What could it be?I couldn’t tell what it was because,the the sky was so black and dark!Was it an alien ship or was it something else?I saw something jump out of it and strangely enough it was white.It looked like it was big and expensive!I said in my head “is it for my birthday”?I saw it running to wards me I screamed and ran!It,it looked like a polar bear!!Was it a dream or could it have been real and a live!?It wasn’t foe my birthday afterall.


Iron Man 3

On Tuesday,I went to see Iron Man 3 with my mummy,big brother Jack and my little niece Grace.We sat right at the back we didn’t see it in 3D because,the other one was on ten o’clock at night so we decied to go to the one in the afternoon.My favourite part to the film was when Tony’s house got destroyed by the baddies.When ever Grace got scared she went and sat on Jack’s knee.The rating for it was a 12A so thats why I went with my mum.I would recommend everyone to go and see it,it was amazing to watch,but it would of been better in 3D.The film was 2 hours and 10 muinets long,but for me it only felt like we was there for only 30 munites!

The Play!!

Today, we did our play in front of the whole school it was our first time ever in front of a big crowd.We have to do it again one on Tuesday and on wednesday. If I was scared all I would do is look at the clock at the back of the church. It was very nervewracking for everyone because there was such a big crowd! Everyone was nervous, but now we have done it in front of the whole school we will be able to do it in front of our parents.But,we will still be a bit nervous.Some people who had solos had to be very loud and clear the people who had the solos were Pontius Pilet,Jesus,Mary and Judas.We had two mishaps one were the palm tree fell on a disaple and the roman took the cross of Jesus and then gave the cross back to Jesus because,he forgot to change the back drop!Woops a daisy!!

My favourite Sport

My favourite sport is Swimming because I learn different kinds of things in swimming like the butterfly, front crawl,back crawl.But my favourite is butterfly because it makes you work hard and also makes you use your muscles.Whats your favourite sport?The old and the young can enjoy swimming.Do you enjoy swimming?

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My Step Sister the Duches

Today was the worst day of my life ever, we moved from England to Mumbai. I know why because my dad got a new job in Mumbai so, I had to move with him. On my way to a terrible place I saw bikes,cars, rickshaws and buses and also I heard lots of cows mooing and the smell of lots different things from English food,drifted through the air. I walked to a place no KID wants to be. My dad waved me off,but I didn’t want to leave him alone. I knew it was to late to run back!

Finally we reached school,the old,grey,rusty school gates squeaked. When those gates where closed I was trapped in there forever!

100 Word Challenge (out of the blue)

On saturday I walked to the shop around the corner,out of the blue a old man said “do you have any spear change”. I replied “yes I do ” and I gave the old man the spear change I had.He remineds me of my Grandad because he sount Irish.When he came to me I really thought it was my Grandad.He had grey hair and a walking stick and a nebuliser he also has blue eyes just like him.My favourite thing about him that he was very poilet.This was a few days ago around the corner at the shop.

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ThinkTank, Birmingham

On Saturday,We went to Birmingham to a place called ThinkTnak its all about science.One strange thing that there were three floors,the first past the second present the third future.I could easily describe it astounding,inspiring,wonderful,exciting,wow and fandabbydozey.I would recommend it just under a hour on the train.

My favourite bit was the past because I could see the second world war airaplane it was awsome.I bought souvenir from the gift shop I bought a 3d book mark of lots of planets on it.There wasa big bang show a man thought he would have to quickly get everyone out because a explosion may have gone wrong.

I hope you enjoy it.Please comment,thankyou please enjoy it.Thankyou.

What I Got For Christmas

I got a tablet for Christmas that was my main present from santa claws and my mummy and daddy. Also I got a box of chocolates from my mum and dad and santa claws. I got a lot of things from my grandad and grandma. I got a randeer that had my name on it.That was my Christmas day.Merry Christmas everyone!


Dinosaurs died hundreds of thousands of years ago.There were different kinds of dinosaurs.My favourite kind of dinosaur is a T Rex because it has lots of teeth and they are sharp.My dad’s favourite dinosaur T Rex like mine.What’s your favourite dinosaur?Here are some dinosaur’s.Do these look scary?