100 word challenge

One summer day  I was on mini red plain flying to the Antartic.It was really expensive I nearly spent all my money on it thats how expensive it was.When I arried I saw a lot of pengwins they were all sorts of colors:black,orange and white.Later in the day I learnt that they were empire pengwins.The pengwins were sliping and sliding all over the place.When it was 7:00 we had dinner we had a bbq.It was delicious.At midnight I filmed the sun because in Antaticer it stays light all day long.Before I left I saw two polor bears!

The Graveyard

As I cycled home,I noticed a graveyard,and cycled towards it.My black tires crunched on top of the white stones.When I arrived I parked my silver bike,and opened I gate of the graveyard.The big oak trees blocked the sunlight so I got a bit chilly.I saw grey moldy graves,I knew they were old.As I got closer I found a dead pigeon leaking with blood.Suddenly,birds flew out of the old oak tree above.

As quick as a flash,my adrenaline rush clambered up my spine.I knew it was time to get out; something, someone opened the gate….