Despicable me 2

On Saturday I went to see Despicable me 2 it was a great film with the exciting little minions. In number 2 he faces a new villan El Macho thats turns the minions evil and purple it’s a brilliant film I would give it 10 out of 10. I love the minions because they all do secret and silly missons and one of them pretend to be Mrs Doubtfire.








100 WC

One boiling hot day, in summer I was eating a really delicious strawberry Ice cream. Suddenly a pitch black sky appeared and a clashing storm raised. I zoomed inside faster the Usain Bolt! As the storm was creating chaos, a twirling tornado butted in and from the tornado a vicious,terrifying  polar bear landed softly on the ground . I could see the evil in his bulging red eyes! It growled with it’s deep voice. when it turned round I noticed a price tag and he was expensive. I didn’t  ever want him but as I said that he grew wings and started flying and then flew away.

The Grave Yard

As the sun carved the air with light, I rode my bike swiftly. I came across the grave yard so I stopped my bike and ran to the wooden gate. I unlocked the dusty handle and then pushed the gate and closed it fast. I tried to find my grandma’s grave stone but there was other grave stones that were old and dirty. Just then, I saw a dead bird just lying on the floor I felt like I was going to die because death in a grave yard. Suddenly the gate opened with a creak curiously  footsteps crept towards me. I felt like running away but I couldn’t. They were getting closer and closer  I felt like I was going to collapse!

By Leon & Ayesha

What is in the closet part 1

One day,a young boy called Will woke up and got ready for school. He rushed down stairs for some breakfast then headed for the bus.When he got there he felt like he forgot something some where.when it came lunch time it was really starting to get really irritating so at the end of the day he rushed home to see what was bugging him, but he got there and it was nothing he remembered everything.













slow writing

Silently,I crept through the deep,dark woods.I started to run as fast as Usain Bolt because I stepped on a twig tat made me jump.”Will I ever get out of here?”because I’m in hell.Then a group started to surround me.Right there on the spot they started t attack me!Later that day,my mum called me but there was no reply…

blogging Club

Today on the 29 of November I went to blogging club it was amazing because only me and a few friends learnt how to put pictures on your blog.We are the only ones who have learnt this it was the best thing I have ever done on a computer learning.

Advent Liturgy


Today on the 29 November we had a liturgy about Advent we sung and brought candles that were Advent colours pink and purple.We sung some songs like awake awake and come to us O,Emannuel I thought it was the best liturgy ever and I think it’s two days intill we get the first chocolate out of our calenders.








Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Jack,he lived in a dirty,ruined, ram shackled,house in the forest.He cleans up after his two horrible,disgusting,ginger cats and his bald,evil dad.Despite having a horrible life at least he had some where to live.Jack had blue eyes and brown hair and was as strong as a ox.

One night Jack was left alone in the messed up house cleaning all sorts like cans,meat and dirty cat food.His evil dad and his two ugly cats went to a disco,he was so tempted to go but he couldn’t.Then he saw a bang of light and wondered what it was,he thought is there some one in the house.What could it be?

Just then,Jack went into the bed room and it was a bee with a silver wand.At that moment the bee started saying go to the disco Jack thought have I lost my mind.Suddenly the bee wafted the wand and bang Jack had a smart suit,a carriage that was red bye a horse and men were the horses.Smiling the fairy god bee said                                                               “go to that disco now oh! don’t forget it’s just outside the forest”.                                           “Okay!”said Jack merrily and there he went but what is his dad going to think…

Once he got to the disco his dad was already leaving even though he is a party animal.When Jack went in and started dancing right next to a rich city woman.Whilst Jack was losing time he noticed it was twelve o’clock so he zoomed out but he lost his top zooming out of the disco.Suddenly he ran in the house and sneaked up stairs to his bed room but his dad didn’t know he went to the disco.The next day the rich city woman Alice came around the deep,dark woods from her beautiful castle.

At that moment when Jack was sweeping he heard a knock on the door                                       “wonder who that will be”said Jack looking suspicious.When he opened the door it was Alice looking for some one to fit in the top,suddenly Jacks dad butted in and said                 “it will not fit on that small rag”but it did fit Jack and Alice purposed at once.Jack felt if I get married to a rich city woman who lives in a castle,I would be rich he felt so amazing he could explode.

In the end Jack and Alice live together.5 years on in the castle they have a fight and Jack runs away with millions,thousands what will he do with it.He could go sky diving or snow boarding who will he strike next…